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Go Korea restaurant dines, took off a shoe to have a meal again first
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The structural cent of Korea restaurant interior is two kinds: Use chair and take off the kang on the shoe.

When having a meal on kang, man cross one's legs and sit, feminine right knee is raised stand -- this kind sits when be confined to wears Han to take, the law is used only. Present Korea female does not wear Han to take at ordinary times, it is OK to should sit down double leg furl should sit down double leg furl together only so. After sitting to select good food, not a little while, the aunt of the restaurant can carry tray to go to you, she from inside tray preferential give dinner service, it is meal next.

Korean what use at ordinary times is uniform it is the smooth cusp that stainless steel makes chopstick. Chinese, Japanese has the habit that the rice bowl since end has a meal, but Korean inspect this kind of behavior not custom. And also cannot contact rice bowl with the mouth. Round bottom take a top bowl " sit " go up in the table, did not grasp for your hand. Conduct the quantity of heat of the bowl plus rice, do not touch it is fair and reasonable. As to bowl lid, can take put on the desk at will.

Since dishonourable bowl, left hand must obedient, hide frankly below the table, cannot go up in the table " show off one's skill " . The right hand must take ladle first, fill a soup to be drunk from inside bleb dish, reoccupy ladle has a rice, drink a boiling water again next, after eating a meal again, can have pron any thing at will. This is Korean the order that have a meal. Ladle is more important than the chopstick in Korean dietary life, it is in charge of meal of the Cheng Shang, dish that scoops up Shang Li, outfit, need not when should wear feed in rice bowl or other implement on. And Where is chopstick? It is in charge of placing dish only. Without giving thought to the bean sprouts dish in your soup bowl how Mo also is not scooped up with ladle, you also cannot use a chopstick. This is the problem that feeds a ceremony above all, it is Shang Shui next flow to the table down the chopstick likely. The chopstick is in when placing dish, traditional Korea type method is to be put on the table of right hand direction, two chopsticks want approach neat, 2/3 on the desk, 1/3 outside the desk, this is to facilitate take reoccupy.

Korean it is nation of a good emotive, when to them this kind manifests affection through dining together, should give sufficient understanding, must admit on reason it is a kind of epinosic again at the same time " feed a ceremony " .