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Detailed says the dietary error of chocolate
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Mention chocolate, a lot of people are to love to be afraid of again already, love its sweetness and strong feeling, love the surprise; that it always can bring us taste and visual sense ceaselessly to be able to be afraid of it again " the crisis 4 bend over " , many people will be none hesitant ground general it and " reduce weight " delimit on contrary line, caries of diabetic, fat, tooth is sodden, having the connection of countless ties with chocolate it seems that.

Can pass newest argumentation of the expert, opened the N about chocolate and health after the truth, you can need not be nervous, because before a lot of concern are redundant actually...

Will see the nutrient part that chocolate place contains first: It can offer the body a lot of nutrition part that daily place wants, than biscuit of a condiment made of roast prickly ash and salt and potato a lot of other snacks offer and so on more protein, calcic, magnesium and vitamin B2. The milk chocolate with a 40 heavy grams contains protein of about 3 grams, place of daily human body needs riboflavin 15% , calcic 9% 7% with iron. The chocolate nutrition that joined almond and earthnut is richer. The milk chocolate that contains almond also added the content of calcic, iron and riboflavin accordingly.

And chocolate milk offers more zinc, Potassium, nicotinic acid and riboflavin than milk of pure complete fat. Pure milk offers calcic, protein and vitamin B slightly many somes. As to other and all nurture, the content of pure milk and chocolate milk is almost same much.

Countless science consider to make clear, chocolate is the nutrient food of benefit Yu Jiankang, fall in love with chocolate to have a lot of reason:

Chocolate won't let your get fat

A lot of people overestimated the quantity of heat in chocolate. The milk chocolate of a 40 grams contains about 210 caloric quantity of heat -- so low that can enroll weight controls cookbook. Investigation makes clear, a lot of weight are overweight person did not eat the overmuch food that contain sugar. Control weight is more important is control everyday total quantity of heat is absorbed and the energy expenses in body activity. For example, the children with overweight weight is inferior to those weight normally normal children is active. Such, they although quantity of heat is absorbed reach reasonable level or give restricted, but the weight that still keeps possibly overweight.

Chocolate strengthens protective tooth

People believes generally, all containing but the food of barmy carbohydrate can is opposite of dental caries form a potential effect. But barmy carbohydrate appears in starch and candy, include those consist in food to counteract the starch in be being added into treatment food and candy.

Although chocolate is included but barmy carbohydrate, but a lot of dentistry experts consider to make clear: Chocolate may not resemble what the tradition thinks causing dental caries easily in that way to rot. Bostonian Fusaisi dentistry center and guest the research of university dentistry school already showed Xifaniya, cocoa and chocolate have the potential of the candy sex acid that offsets they contain. It is OK that cocoa and chocolate also are proved sluggish delay takes off mineralization process -- a kind of activity that causes dental caries to form directly.
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