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The expert reminds: Excessive eats influence of coarse food grain to digest reac
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Current, ate coarse food grain to become a kind of fashion, but Lv Yumin reminds Zhengzhou university M.d. say, coarse food grain cannot excessive edible, will affect health otherwise.

In a few large supermarkets of Zhengzhou, the price of congee of meal of steamed bread of corn, millet, eight treasures rises ceaselessly; Dining-room of a few units also increased the provision of coarse food grain such as corn face. Once retreated house " second line " coarse food grain begins to return to table again.

Alleged coarse food grain, the corn in basically including corn, millet, violet rice, broomcorn, oaten, buckwheat, wheat bran and all sorts of dry legume, wait like soya bean, lima-bean, red bean, gram.

Lv Yumin says, because treatment is simple, some nutrient elements are done not have in a lot of flour and rice were being saved really in coarse food grain, prandial fiber is for instance more, and contain a lot ofvitamin of B a group of things with common features wait. Nevertheless, overmuch edible coarse food grain cannot be promoted quite not only digest, the assimilation that still can affect human body and absorb a function, overmuch prandial fiber can cause the acute symptom such as alvine road block, dehydrate. Mix to woman of pregnant woman, lactation be in grow for the special crowd such as budding child, the harm of excessive edible coarse food grain is the most apparent. Additional, prandial fiber still has the effect that interference medicaments absorbs, can reduce certain fall hematic fat medicine and the medical effect that combat chlorpromazine.

Lv Yumin says, eat coarse food grain to want to notice to master 3 kinds of methods: It is to eat coarse food grain to want to drink water in time more. Because the prandial fiber in coarse food grain needs to enough moisture makes backup force, ability guarantees the regular job that bowel. 2 it is successive has coarse food grain. Increase suddenly or reduce coarse food grain eat an amount, can cause alvine path reaction. 3 it is tie-in meat dishes has coarse food grain. When making food everyday, besides attend to taste, still should consider collocation of element of meat or fish, the balance is prandial.