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The pine leaves healthy diet solution
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Multifarious in daily life job lets us times feeling is depressive, after coming off work, think the home is halcyon harbour formerly, dietary take time should is again after the result goes back arduous, as time passes, be in " busy " the health that we ignored food in the life. The near future, the electric equipment below the pine is aimed at the healthy diet problem of city white-collar, last from alimental cooking, offer solution of easy domestic health food, let us be in also can enjoy high quality life busily.

The pine issues learned and freezer of Zhuo Ya series, apply the advanced optical technology that move silver to arouse the vitality of silver-colored ion, restrain a bacterium to eliminate peculiar smell; Bright and free change conservatory uses LED light wave, let cate obtain comprehensive " new student " : Change freedom conservatory thermoregulation arrives - 1 to - 5 degrees when, enter La Guanggao to last mode, the illumination action of blue LED and UV-LED, can carry fish, flesh kind nutrition is fresh and tender; Change freedom conservatory thermoregulation arrives 2 when going to 4 degrees, enter light to close tall last mode, the blue, green light-wave that LED irradiation plant releases, chain water of vegetables and fruits is divided, maintain fresh and tender mouthfeel. The Shuang Lengzhi that does not possess wisdom accuses to last science and technology, let food rise to obtain the advantageous safeguard of new health momently then in what be put into freezer.

Use next limited time, make a rich beautiful food to family! NN-CS597S of microwave oven of frequency conversion of the steam below the pine can make you satisfactory surely! It comes true on taste, barbecue, space 3 optimize greatly, pass steam and combination of efficient and even frequency conversion microwave, make steam condenses into water film in food surface, reduce the prediction of a person's luck in a given year of moisture, assured raw ingredient of alimental former juice. Still deployed flat at the same time not? The bravery inside steel, interior space increases, cleanness is more convenient also.

To wanting the rice of edible everyday, entrust issues SR-MG1 of electric meal Bao to the pine! It uses the distinctive comprehensive and moire diamond below the pine to grow carbon black boiler fully, use the effect outside growing the Yuan Gong with outstanding charcoal fully, make rice more nutrition is goluptious; Make an appointment conveniently function, can let electric meal Bao be in appoint time to finish cook a meal to boil the job, no matter early morning gets up the first bowl of hot congee, still be the sweet rice that next coming home, delicate time can master single-handed.

The exterior of the product below the pine also is a window. The lens face of learned freezer adds the lens face exterior of design of multicolored plum grain and microwave oven, and of electric meal Bao not? Steel surface, make person look over unforgettable, more your fashionable household adds cent. Solve time and healthy difficult problem, the pine leaves product of kitchen home appliance, the life that lets you from now on more relaxed.
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