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From inferior healthy diet wants suit one
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Rhythm of modern society life is accelerated, bring about inferior health is bigger and bigger to the person's menace. Expert clew, appear inferior when healthy phenomenon, might as well use pair of disease food to recuperate a law to undertake ego is recuperated.

Insomnious be agitated is forgetful eat the food that contains a lot ofcalcic, phosphor more. Contain the food with more calcium to soja, milk, Xian Chen, oyster waits; Contain the food with much phosphor to have spinach, chestnut, grape, chicken, potato, egg kind etc.

The person appropriate with sensitive sensitive nerve takes nerve the food such as steamed fish, did not forget to eat green vegetable more at the same time, because vegetable has stable nerval effect. Anteprandial and OK lay down have a break, with the mood of flabby insecurity, also can drink a few wine between eat, help intestines and stomach wriggles.

System is tight frail thin weakling appropriate takes put oneself in another's position the dish such as the fish that stew, best before take food nap a little while. A lot of people have the habit that sleeps after the meal, actually this is incorrect habits and customs, should instead is anteprandial sleep a little while.

When dog-tired feeling is tired out, can chew feed the nut such as earthnut, almond, cashew, Hu Tao, have magical effect to restoring physical ability. The microelement such as vitamin of the protein that nut contains a large number of abundance, B a group of things with common features, calcium and iron, and plant sex is adipose, but do not contain cholesterol. In addition, the food such as vegetable of shredded meat of clam soup, green pepper, cold and dressed with sause, sesame seed, strawberry contains a lot ofprotein and quantity of heat, can remove protection and the action of aggrandizement liver, the person that often feels exhaustion mights as well eat more a few.

Office worker of eyestrain great majority is unavoidable to work to computer all the day, make the eye feels fatigue easily. This kind of crowd can have a few eel when lunch, because eel contains the vitamin A with rich human body indispensible place. Additional, eat some of leek to fry pork liver to also have profit to shielding an eye.

Cerebrum is fatigue firm fruit food, wait like earthnut, melon seeds, walnut, pine nut, filbert, to be good at head, enhance memory to having very good effect. The content inside the nut of fatty acid linoleic acid with indispensible human body is very high, and without cholesterol, be called " be good at head " food. Additional, lecithin of special material of be good at head, choline still is contained to wait inside nut, accordingly, to the brainworker, other edibles place cannot compare its nutrition, nourishing action.

Pressure crosses big vitamin C to have the effect that balances psychological pressure. Bear when human body when powerful psychology pressure, airframe can be used up than at ordinary times the many vitamin C of 8 times, accordingly, answer to absorb the food that contains a lot ofvitamin C as far as possible more at ordinary times, if Qing Dynasty fries cauliflower, spinach, sesame seed, fruit,wait. Routine presses the person of muscularity, the proposal is right amount take vitamin C tablet, can achieve idealer result.
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