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Be helpful for 12 kinds of food that winter reduces weight
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★ Chinese cabbage is not contained adipose, also be the content that reduces weight to be fed surely, its rich plant fiber can make those who leave a body lymphatic and expedite more, prevent leg ministry fat.

★ laver besides contain rich vitamin A, B1 and B2, still can help a platoon walk along the trash inside the body and accumulative moisture.

The flax in ★ sesame seed benevolence oleic acid is OK the cholesterol that purify adds inside blood-vessel.

Although ★ banana is caloric very tall, but adipose very low however, and contain rich potassium, full abdomen low fat, can decrease adipose build up in the private parts, it is the good food of moment reducing weight.

★ apple contains particular malic acid, can metabolize quickly, those who reduce a private parts is adipose.

The stone alkaline acid that ★ ormosia place contains can increase large intestine wriggle, stimulative micturition and reduce constipation, cleared private parts is adipose.

The purify of vitamin B2 conduce inside ★ birds egg is adipose, it accumulate contained Yan alkaline acid and vitamin B1 are OK purify issues half-length fat.

★ on the west shaddock calorie is extremely low, eat more also won't fat, also contain rich Potassium to pledge, conduce decreases below half-length adipose build up with moisture.

★ spinach can promote haemal circulation, the balance is metabolic, can thin leg.

★ Xi Qin contains many calcium to pledge on one hand, can fill " crural spirit force " , also contain potassium on the other hand, can reduce next half-length moisture to build up.

★ earthnut contains alkaline acid of extremely rich vitamin B2 and Yan, can bring high grade protein, long flesh does not grow fat.

It is OK that ★ tomato has fresh tomato diuresis and exhaustion of purify leg ministry, reduce oedema