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Polybag hides healthy hidden trouble to endanger people health
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■ the editor talks
General office of the State Council was saved to each a few days ago, government of people of municipality, municipality directly under the Central Government, orgnaization of each ministries and commissions, each directly under allots the State Council " use about restricting production to sell plastic the announcement of shopping bag " . The announcement points out, since June 1, 2008, in the commodity such as mart of trade of all supermarkets, bazaar, market retail place is executed plastic shopping bag is paid use system, uniform must not offer freely plastic shopping bag. Polybag goes to the lavatory to be used easily, pervaded the square respect aspect that we live daily. Polybag is being offerred convenient while, besides causing an effect to the environment, also endangering our health. Contain provision with polybag, make the body absorbs toxin probably.
■ the part that there is harm health in polybag
Polyvinyl chloride: After path of bowel of stomach of classics of polyvinyl chloride monomer is absorbed, eduction of respiratory tract of one part classics, another part is decomposed alcohol and one chloric acetic acid. These material will be right neurological, skeleton and action of hepatic generation noxiousness, bring about the happening of hemal caruncle. Alcohol can damage human body nerve, bring about dazed, dazed, serious can cause cancer even.
Tristearin acerbity lead: Tristearin acerbity lead is a kind of stabilizing agent of polyvinyl chloride polybag, the tristearin acerbity lead in the polybag when high temperature enters provision with respect to meeting dissolve. Tristearin acerbity lead is extremely easy separate out, once enter,human body can cause saving sex lead poisoning. These virose material and food eat together go down, harmful to human body health.
Adjacent benzene salt of 2 formic acid: Adjacent benzene salt of 2 formic acid, should call adjacent benzene ester of 2 formic acid, it is the additive of plastic technology, basically use at adding the flexibility of plastic products, a few contacts can have the person to be endangered certainly. Ester of 2 formic acid belongs to adjacent benzene low poisonous chemical content, have to central nervous system and liver damage. Plastic treatment craft uses his dose won't be very large, dissociate of the ability when and ester of 2 formic acid must be in adjacent benzene high temperature heats gives poisonous monomer, eligible plastic products won't produce a harm basically to human body, in endangering much consist in to produce a course.
Chemical combination drug: To add diaphaneity and flexibility, polyvinyl chloride lasts the plasticizer that certain amount increased in film. Via long wrap up, the grease in food will last easily the harmful material in film is deliquescent, in and the chemical combination drug in plasticizer can be quickened when heat releasing food. These chemical combination drug can destroy human body internal system, the hormone with disturbed normal human body metabolizes, the meeting after edible causes woman breast cancer, new life number of spermatozoon of congenital blemish, male decreases, even mental disease.
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