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The expert reminds: of of settleclear Ji of of Ning left-eyed flounder] Mao
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What common food error does Nanjing citizen have to be changed urgently at present? The reporter undertook the abecedarian is investigated and interviewed the dietetics expert such as Zhou Shuna. The expert warns a citizen, want to change these to consider as proper diet means oneself as soon as possible.
Error one: The much juice that drink boiling water does not drink water
A lot of people arrived winter, movement is little, also notice to water with respect to not very, think to want to drink the boiling water that nod heat more only, one day does not drink water to do not have a relation. The expert tells a reporter, warm plain boiled water is drunk when the weather is cold, cool plain boiled water is drunk when the weather is hot but cannot drink glacial water, when be being given priority to with plain boiled water, OK and a few more auxiliary abstain beverage, wait like gram soup, plum juice, OK still the fruit with a hydrous more cent extracts juice, c of OK and compensatory vitamin and water are divided, those who need an attention is, "Soup " and " juice " cannot replace plain boiled water. In human body 70%-80% is water, water is a component with maintain human body health very main, an adult should drink the water of 1000 milliliter one day the least. This prandial pagoda water include among them, should say to comparative reasonable.
Error 2: Beverage cannot be drunk absolutely
A lot of people think beverage was cannot drink, completely right the person is profitless, this kind of view has break biased. A lot of moment, healthy beverage, for example the material that place of OK also and compensatory human body wants natural fruit juice. This prandial pagoda puts forward to want " logical choice beverage " , the expert suggests people should preferential and drinkable be not contained or contain caloric beverage less, and wait for beverage to containing saccharin, essence, drink less as far as possible do not drink even.
Error 3: Oily much not bad food
A lot of citizens think, "Oily much not bad food " , oil always is put more when the fried dish, this also is a common insalubrious lifestyle. Jiangsu saves disease to accuse expert introduction of the center, very much now family, restaurant, light tells cate and do not tell nutrition, especially many personages of meal industry think, oil became much the flavour of dish gift is nice, good for taste, a lot of people put oil more when the fried dish, perhaps panbroil with deepfry food. Actually, will tell from dietetics, the oil when the fried dish is put much, do not have advantage to health. The intake of grease does not exceed 25 grams everyday each, current our country absorbs 40 grams oil on average everyday each, according to such calculating come down, the dweller eats oily quantity to exceed bid far. Grease intake can cause the chronic disease such as fat, hypertension too much.
Error 4: Often take food taken late at night
The youth that a lot of people often stay up late especially, like to take food taken late at night. Actually, eat food taken late at night to affect digestive function easily, pass benefit more to the harm of the body. Expert introduction, the person that often has food taken late at night lays stone easily, the 4 ~ after the fastigium of the person that discharge calcium often is dining 5 hours, if food taken late at night spends evening, the fastigium that discharge calcium can come after the person falls asleep, uric fluid cannot outside seasonable eduction body, the calcium in causing make water increases ceaselessly, easy deposit comes down to form small crystal, as time passes, expand gradually form stone. If food taken late at night takes food more tall food of adipose, high protein, make fat of the blood inside human body lifts suddenly very easily, nightly take food too much, or take food often, cause arterial congee appearance easily sclerotic, coronary heart disease and impotent wait for a disease. In the meantime, because long-term food taken late at night is too full, cause easily still diabetic. Food taken late at night crosses full meeting to make a stomach bouffant, be opposite at the same time all round the organ is caused oppressive, the organ such as stomach, bowel, liver, bravery, pancreas works in the insecurity after eat can deferent information gives cerebrum, cause cerebrum the organization is active, diffuse pallium is other place. Come so, insomnia with respect to unavoidable.
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