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Fat food appropriate puts bit of kelp
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Kelp is a kind of basic provision, in fat and overmuch food mix into enters bit of kelp, can decrease not only adipose the stockpile inside body, often edible still can increase the human body absorption to calcium.

Kelp has weak do two kinds with salt. Weak dry kelp is to will cut extraction bright kelp to below sunlight air basks in two days and be become, saline dry kelp is the 20% ~ that press bright kelp weight the 25% insolation after adding saline souse 7 days and into. Choose and buy and edible kelp have very much exquisite.

Nature of the surface after kelp doing is made forms a Bai Shuang, this is normal phenomenon, it is the decency of plant alkaline classics that its contain epigenesis manna alcohol gets together at exterior be caused by, to human body not only without harm, still have the effect of diuresis detumescence, thinking by accident is the separate out of salinity, not be mildew of be affected with damp be affected with damp more those who change is bodeful, so kelp of choose and buy does not serve as the level that measures its quality with this. Differentiate kelp correctly to answer with body thick bounty, grow 150 centimeters of above, color of thick Chinese ink or puce, most advanced without decay, dry, the quantity that contain salt does not exceed 25% , the person that do not have sandy soil, impurity is top grade.

Kelp returns appropriate and bean curd to match together eat, because a variety of black horn glucoside still are contained in bean curd, these material can promote iodine excrete, cause iodic shortage easily, and kelp is the food that contains a lot ofiodine fitly. The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks, kelp sex is cool, can antiphlogistic antifebrile. Accordingly, often eat kelp to still can enrich the blood embellish lung and reduce blood pressure.

When people is having kelp, often because the method is undeserved and the quality that the influence makes kelp cooked food, cause a lot of people not to like to eat. Habit of a lot of people uses clear water to open kelp bubble first, go stewing again boil, stew boiled a many hour, mastication still has the feeling of the very hard when it. Actually, the way with edible right kelp is will after kelp is abluent, put in the evaporate in a pot for steaming food half hour, on bubble of reoccupy clear water one night, it can become fragile tender, stew, fry or when cold and dressed with sause, drip a bit again a few vinegar, dish feels character with afore-mentioned big different.