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Have how many bacteria, is conceal in repast chain?
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Individual of paper towel, toothpick, tableware, dishcloth, menu, clerk is wholesome... have how many bacteria, is conceal in repast chain? □ Cheng Minnan chopsticks of a pair of an a piece of napkin, toothpick, bowl... these meal things, constitute menace probably to your health. Newest 2006 investigation shows Chinese cooking association: Meal course of study is managing the raw material of aptitude, product, carry that pack to be defeated, production is superintended wait for link, put in serious wholesome problem. And in recent years each execute the law examination result of the branch, make a person shocking more. 1 napkin: The things that brush the mouth comes from rubbish dump in chophouse of a home, the clerk is given on bulk napkin -- , some color gloomy, texture is rough; Some looks suddenly for nothing clean, but knead " drop broken bits " , saliva star child can melt it; Return some multicoloured, placing inside by the insect of squash! Press a regulation, napkin must not use any reclaiming presswork of paper, paper makes raw material, but actually, inferior napkin is to use reclaiming rubbish classics to take off Chinese ink, whitened, cut, press a flower and make. "Too dirty! " a man that ever worked nearly 10 years in the paper mill says, in raw material useful even the useless gauze that the sanitary towel that pass, hospital discards. More terrible is, the chromatic napkin that a few dining-room use -- this is be worthy of the name " rubbish paper " . Want to catch color, because make raw material with extremely dirty rubbish,be, brightening gent is used without giving thought to, be forced to catch color to mask. Pledge inspect branch detects: Inferior napkin contains virus of bacterium of all sorts of fungus, coliform organisms, n/med tuberculosis, hepatitis to wait, easy cause the disease such as enteritis, typhoid fever, dysenteric, hepatitis; Paper adds whitening, bleacher, the respiratory tract that can enter you causes infection; And the inferior napkin that French chalk and heavy metal exceed bid, have the risk that cause cancer. 2 toothpick: The wholesome problem that concealing the toothpick in cafeteria of tens of thousands of bacterium possibly is not as little as napkin, have 3 kinds of cases roughly: One of, itself is inferior product. At present toothpick is small mill to produce more, generator buys low the lumber that come, bamboo, through simple polish, grind smooth, after blanching processing, sell the jobber of each district, arrive by jobber resell again small commodities market. Have on the packing bag of a lot of toothpick " advanced toothpick " , " high temperature is disinfected " model of written characters, but without wholesome licence date of date, birth, date of expiration. Many big public houses also introduce this to plant all the same " 3 without " toothpick, and have the aid of is packed beautifully increase class. When some maker produce bamboo to make toothpick, still use the industry that is suspected of causing cancer sulfureous with hydrogen peroxide solution. Secondly, cafeteria deposit, place and use toothpick extremely not wholesome. The toothpick of high-grade hotel in dividing minority is outside be being packed alone, a lot of chophouse scatter toothpick on dish, outfit in toothpick canister, fill even in glass. Toothpick canister also is dirty -- dirt, oily dirty, smear enters order extremely. The client is carried in toothpick of this one caboodle will be chosen, until take out oneself " satisfactory " that -- all sorts of bacterias on the hand, from this across travels. Thirdly, the cafeteria that do not have fine is used reclaim toothpick. Executed the law first half of the year 2006 in big talk city in the single censoring of personnel, hunt down what purchase by Guangdong in great quantities " reclaim toothpick " -- , somebody collects toothpick technically from cafeteria, Tophet, rush to be packed a little with water, approve with low send cafeteria. And in a few restaurant that are in Hangzhou, clients discard has used toothpick on the desk, when the clerk will clear away, canister of toothpick of the replace after their wipe up... door of Ministry of Public Health detects, the bacteria on an inferior toothpick can amount to several, and reclaim the bacteria in toothpick arrives more what degree, still do not have detected data at present. The common bacteria on toothpick has hepatitis virus, n/med tuberculosis, coliform organisms to wait for tens of planting, include AIDS virus even. Investigation shows, at present Guangdong saves rate of sicken of disease of adult tooth week to already amounted to 97% above, this also makes toothpick concern with use bad. 3 tableware: One-time not safe and current, one-time tableware and alexipharmic tableware are the mainstream of the market. Investigation shows: China should consume about 6.5 billion one-time plastic dinner service every year, but among them close half the number is unqualified. Return some meal company, repeat actually use one-time dinner service. This kind of inferior one-time dinner service, of the harm is deadbeat not merely. In Heibei province article installs a county, because make this kind of inferior dinner service in great quantities, bring about the earth's surface the following 300 meters of water inside already were polluted, come to place a few years conscript check-up is eligible without one person. As alexipharmic equipment more and more enter restaurant widely, after cafeteria is willing to disinfect tableware more, repeat use. Imprint in plastic film on " alexipharmic tableware " after model of written characters, to client collection " tableware disinfects cost " . A tableware disinfects the staff member of the enterprise to say: "Operate strictly according to the flow that cleans disinfection, after repass high temperature and ultraviolet ray reduce toxin, tableware just can be at ease use. This, already got wholesome supervisory management department is approbated. " but still have consumer report: The alexipharmic effect of a lot of tableware makes a person suspect -- , after tearing apart plastic film, tableware of can clear sense still satiny, still stay even have dirt. The personage inside course of study says: Alexipharmic tableware is not legislative still now, the enterprise of disinfection of a few small-sized tableware on the market is happy to hit " price war " . The price one low, bring about the occurrence of unqualified disinfector. 4 dishcloth and menu: "The corner that is forgotten " in tens of home restaurant that visit, snack bar, the reporter discovers " dishcloth problem " likewise serious. The clerk did not realize the seasonable disinfection of dishcloth and classification are used, have old briefs without extra trouble even with. The clerk that plain city some cafeteria works complains a Ceng Zaiyin: Since this city " be at ease bowl " after using the label that prevent bogus, to save the cost that purchases alexipharmic bowl, cafeteria boss makes a clerk direct wipe dirty bowl with dishcloth, disinfect bowl outboard reservation of the label that prevent bogus to come down as far as possible. Additional, the reporter returns discovery, great majority cafeteria never has the habit that has menu alexipharmic updating. Perhaps you do not believe, there is 5 million bacterium the least on the menu of an use a few months, include virus of liver of coccus of coliform organisms, grape, second to wait, because be stained with the menu of oily be soiled more comfortable cause at the bacteria -- the investigation evidence of door of Ministry of Public Health these. To a dining-room with better business, a month makes an appointment with every menu to had been felt by on 1000 hands. A few services give birth to a likelihood to just had held dishcloth to take menu with the hand, still some of person can hit sneeze above. Cafeteria does not wish to change regularly menu, basically be to stem from cost to consider -- , boss of inn of a duplicate says: "The clothbound menu of qualitative surface of a cloth with soft nap, the cost that make is in about 100-200 yuan. " 5 clerks individual is wholesome: The majority does not have groom according to statistic of national statistic bureau: At present Chinese meal course of study serves personnel to already exceeded 20 million, go into town among them Wu work staff occupies half above, the person that Chinese changes a standard first is in the majority. And the low firewood aggrandizement of meal course of study this -- " have hundreds of yuan every months only, enrol a talent how possibly? " a boss says. Because lack grooms, their sanitation and business quality can be imagined -- , great majority consumer ever saw such case: The clerk spits everywhere, receive remnant to feed the desk on dish of the end on the horse, shang Zhong still went to finger dip when carrying course... to change the current situation, 2005, china published standard of sanitation of first meal course of study, try to improve the wholesome requirement of Chinese millions cafeteria, level of management, especially from quality of personnel of course of study. The people's livelihood hints eligible napkin should be raw material of pure wood pulp, whiteness moderate, feel is exquisite and soft, do not drop flavour of wool, as good as, treat water not easy " cankered " . The toothpick appearance that normal manufacturer produces is bright and clean without thorn, most advanced also not be too pointed; Inferior toothpick surface is not slick, have a lot of agnail even. The tableware of eligible disinfection, won't have satiny feeling. Tableware disinfection. Use disinfectant of green world brand please. Order dishes first, wash his hands after. The green eaves card that also can carry Xiaobao to install is avoided wash one's hands the hand disinfects fluid.

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