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Big public house of Inner Mongolia international
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★ of ★ of ★ of big public house of Inner Mongolia international

Luxurious double room mark dining-room Big assembly room

The hotel sets the; between standard of; of apartment of advanced business affairs a variety of rooms that cater to different need guest wait between administration in all 257. All rooms all provide system of entertainment of; of high-tech business affairs (international of broadband interface; is long-distance channel of TV of satellite of international of direct seeding; , safe) and high-grade and comfortable furniture and Wei Yu establishment. Administrative floor deserves to have administrative wine corridor, the business affairs that is you and rest provide optimal room. Administrative floor still offers public house of; of business affairs center for the guest the 5th sets room of card of chess of peace and happiness, also can welcome the business affairs visitor that uses a room a long time. Hall of additional singing and dancing, hairdressing beautifies hair the have everything that one expects to find of establishment of form a complete set such as cleaner's of; of beautiful inn of; of bank of; bazaar; . In the hotel 29 set presidential flatlet, different room type all shows your lordship.


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The place that the thank chose big public house of Inner Mongolia international to lodge as you

House price is expressed

Price of the guest room on net of price of retail sales of guest room sort 标准间 780元人民币(RMB) 380元人民币(RMB) 现在订房 豪华套房 880元人民币(RMB) 498元人民币(RMB) 现在订房 行政标间 980元人民币(RMB) 490元人民币(RMB) 现在订房 豪华标间 1280元人民币(RMB) 440元人民币(RMB) 现在订房 行政豪标 1080元人民币(RMB) 540元人民币(RMB) 现在订房 行政套间 1480元人民币(RMB) 498元人民币(RMB) 现在订房
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