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Big public house of peaceful of Inner Mongolia Yi
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★ of ★ of ★ of ★ of big public house of peaceful of Inner Mongolia Yi

Big public house of peaceful of Inner Mongolia Yi is with international by limited company of group of peaceful of Inner Mongolia Yi level of 4 stars grade invests, register, the Huhhot city that has independent corporate organization hangs out his shingle first times hotel of business affairs of 4 stars class. It builds style, refined adornment distinctly with its structure, advantageous situation, full-bodied nation amorous feelings, lively period flavor, repose at Huhhot city to surpass rarely area east the street austral the shadow 69, in brightness area of scene of Teng Xile prairie is built have tourist attraction of chrysanthemum channel travel, it is the Inner Mongolia that meal of a collect, accommodation, recreation, business affairs is an organic whole restaurant of travel of concerning foreign affairs or foreign nationals of class of first 4 stars. Hotel environment grace, communication is easy, be apart from a railway station 4 kilometers, airport 12 kilometers, downtown 2 kilometers.

Hotel interior establishment is advanced, the function is all ready, have presidential flatlet 1, luxurious flatlet 4, common flatlet 7, between the standard 89, between economy 26, brazilian barbecue hall can contain banqueting hall of 200 people repast, 2 buildings at the same time 16 hall room 300 people eat hall of book, coffee digit of 22 people eat, garden of nightclub, bar, tea, indoor swim, bowling, sauna, health care is massaged, gym, hairdressing beautifies hair, high-quality goods bazaar, card of books reading room, chess, ping-pong, billiards, provide enthusiastic service for you, the hotel still sets satellite of central air conditioning, multichannel to receive high speed of system, broadband to get online, digital VOD order programme serves, book on domestic phone direct dial, net, fax, duplicate, Chinese and English type, express delivery, foreign currency is changed, the journey orders ticket, tourism Wu to wait, offer for you convenient and quick journey, sightseeing, recreational, go vacationing service.

The thank chose the place that big public house of peaceful of Inner Mongolia Yi lodges as you

House price is expressed

Price of the guest room on net of price of retail sales of guest room sort 580 yuan of RMBs between the standard (RMB) 366 yuan RMB (RMB) books a room now common flatlet 880 yuan of RMBs (RMB) 418 yuan RMB (RMB) books a room now luxurious flatlet 1180 yuan RMB (RMB) 548 yuan RMB (RMB) books a room now
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