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Inner Mongolia east amount to holiday hotel
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The following executive date is: (on April 30, 2008 - on April 30, 2009)

The thank chose Inner Mongolia east the place that amounts to holiday hotel to lodge as you

House price is expressed

Price of the guest room on net of price of retail sales of guest room sort is contained early get online 标准双人间(不含早) 518元人民币(RMB) 290元人民币(RMB) 不含 免费上网 现在订房 标准单人间(不含早) 518元人民币(RMB) 320元人民币(RMB) 不含 免费上网 现在订房 商务大床间(不含早) 558元人民币(RMB) 400元人民币(RMB) 不含 免费上网 现在订房
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