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Huhhot gold year old big public house
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Huhhot gold year old ★ of ★ of ★ of big public house

Inner Mongolia gold year old big public house is a market takes, live, travel, swim, buy, the hotel of concerning foreign affairs or foreign nationals of 4 stars class that amusement is an organic whole, be located in Huhhot city to start Annam journey, border with national level arboretum, the environment is quiet and tastefully laid out communication is easy, make you city of times feeling house is medium and not close Bacchic satisfied. Hotel facilities all ready, room diversity. Mutual and of all kinds guest room 115, central air conditioning, closed-circuit television, background music is set inside, and net of couplet of ark of system of advanced fictitious telephone exchange, little ice, safe, computer inserts aperture, IC to block door lock. The conference serves formal diversity, can welcome person of 10 people —250 the conference of different specifications, facilities of center of peace and happiness is top-ranking, set beautiful pattern house of room of bag of luxurious bar, KTV, sauna, natatorium, gym, tennis, can remove for guest journey fatigueds, promotional body and mind is healthy. Meal advocate this state of dish of manage another name for Guangdong Province, Shanghai dish, Hangzhou dish, ethical gust dish, share 600 meal, can offer the delicate cate of all sorts of characteristic for guest. The hall is capacious and bright, gorgeous, offer service project to have: Trade of high-quality goods house, foreign currency, valuable is free check, buy on sb's behalf engine ticket and service of business affairs center. Gold year old big public house is you undertake business affairs negotiate, the conference and recreational are superexcellent place, faculty all grooms through going up with hillock before normal post main station all realizes the mount guard that hold card. Zheng Yixian's ripe professional skill and cordial service welcome your presence. Practice comes 5 years, recieved include countrywide the Women's Federation the main group such as the national conference such as special meeting and Ethiopia governor delegation. Executive date of the following price is on September 20, 2008- - on October 10


The following executive date is: (on June 22, 2007 - on June 22, 2008)

The thank selected Inner Mongolia gold year old the place that big public house regards you as accommodation
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