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Large building of Inner Mongolia China day
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Large building of Inner Mongolia China day☆ ☆ ☆

Big public house of Inner Mongolia China celestial bodies is room of a market, meal, can exhibit, the omnibus travel concerning foreign affairs or foreign nationals that peace and happiness is an organic whole hotel of 4 stars class, be located in Huhhot Hailaerdong ave 801, the airport is apart from east 9 kilometers, westing railway station 5 kilometers, circumjacent environment is elegant, communication is easy, total floor area 20000 square metre, in all 17, decorate style massiness elegance, hardware establishment is perfect and advanced. Have guest room 149 are covered, mark double 96, sign is only 20, set floor of independent administrative business affairs, room cent is 8 kinds of types, decorate essence of life elegant, establishment is all ready, can satisfy the accommodation requirement of different guest. 100 million broadband gets online indefinitely, offerred the condition of business affairs office of efficient advantage for the guest. The assembly room of 8 kinds of different specifications, can hold 600 people at the same time to sit a meeting, advanced conference equipment, the meeting site of a variety of forms, perfect and considerate conference serves, for you consummation ground held the conference to provide safeguard. The hotel shares 3 dining room, 600 more than eat, 19 elegant, decorous repast environment, top-ranking major serves, high quality characteristic cate, make outstanding consumptive place for you. Hall of 2 buildings Chinese meal advocate battalion is high-grade dish of another name for Guangdong Province, hire Guangdong especially fancy large kitchen is elaborate arrange, top class make, more get the better of one prepare. Dining-room of 3 buildings gust advocate battalion is authentic Yang Cai of the Huaihe River, hangzhou side dish and local gust dish, the senior technician that comes from Yangzhou, Hangzhou and place will dedicate for you with masterly craft classical cate. Hall of first floor Western-style food offers a thick soup of soup of desert of the buffet with various category, cold hot meat dishes, fruit, drink bright archives is cooked, elaborate collocation, nutrition is balanced. Banqueting hall adornment is showily, gorgeous, but at the same time customer pay 260 people repast, it is the good place that holds large and luxurious party. Brand-new business affairs center provides efficient and convenient professional service for you, include to type, duplicate, fax, file is bound, ticket of carry out of long distance call of international of email, internet, home, aviation, center of peace and happiness sets KTV to include a house, room of card of SPA, chess, book, the establishment such as golf of imitate of gymnastical center, billiards, ping-pong.
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