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Large building of Inner Mongolia China day
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Large building of Inner Mongolia China day☆ ☆ ☆

Large building of Inner Mongolia China day reposes at Hulun of new the city zone of city of municipal metropolis Huhhot on racecourse of Bell north road. Cover an area of a face to accumulate 36 mus, floor area is 17600 square metre, have 15 mus of greenbelt, pine set each other off, green careless photograph is held in the palm, more show lease of life. The edifice decorates luxurious, elegance, establishment is all ready, collect meal, guest room, conference, peace and happiness, groom for an organic whole, it is the modern hotel with a perfect function. Meal ministry sets Chinese meal hall, banqueting hall, cafeteria and luxurious bag house, can accommodate 500 people repast. Provide the dish of new group another name for Guangdong Province with authentic grade, plain dish, Hangzhou dish, place dish and unconscious food. The edifice owns the luxurious and large center washing bath of 5000 square metre, what the men and women sets to wash bath square, romantic grace inside is recreational, movie and TV rests dining room of food of flatlet of the hall, luxurious honoured guest, authentic another name for Guangdong Province, all ready fitness peace and happiness equipment. Top-ranking establishment, top-ranking service project, can welcome 500 honoured guest at the same time, it is recreational, go vacationing, the good land that business affairs meets. Existing guest room 105 in all 8 sort, can welcome 190 visitors at the same time. Facilities of network of TV of central air conditioning, small freezer, satellite, broadband is set inside the room. Can exhibit a center to have the big report office that can hold 230 people, 20---Classroom of the medium, small-sized assembly room of 90 people, multimedia and associate liquid crystal shows computer, for of all kinds conference, groom provide comfortable, contemporary, elegant room, it is to sit a meeting of government, business affairs, groom the optimal ground of study. The edifice still sets hall of inn of business affairs center, high-quality goods, ping-pong room, billiards, ballroom. 12 of the edifice, 13 set chess card room and tea, can provide satisfaction for guest, all-around service.
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