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Inner Mongolia restaurant
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Inner Mongolia restaurant is located in Huhhot downtown, only then built 1982, it is a municipality hotel of business affairs of class of SamSung of the first concerning foreign affairs or foreign nationals, restaurant pressed international 2001 standard of hotel of 5 stars class is finished rebuild.
Restaurant has of all kinds guest room 346, more than 700 bed, all ready of establishment of the business affairs inside the room, additional set center of advanced business affairs, provide convenient business affairs service, the hotel is set medium, on the west, 5 luxurious dining-room such as gust dining-room and Islamic eat, mutual eat 1700, among them the Chinese meal hall of 700 square metre, can accommodate 500 people repast at the same time, it is the good place of celebration, banquet. The beautiful “ of inheritance copy history thinks of sweat gold to carry dining-room of large account ” on the head into auspicious, of collection grass culture and modern art become greatly, resplendent and magnificent, characteristic is full-bodied, it is to experience prairie civilization, the reachs surely place that experiences the career is successful. The exterior Big Guest room
1986 practice Decorated guesthouse to serve center of project auditoria business affairs 2002 phone of IDD of phone of DDD of service of Wu of parking lot ticket washs dress Wu bazaar entire room is free the broadband gets online move back and forth airport regular bus

The dining-room in guesthouse meal establishment

Guesthouse recreation and gymnastical establishment card pull sauna of field of golf of tennis court of OK hall swimming-pool room

Peony of Industrial and Commercial Bank of China of card of Great Wall of Bank of China of type of acceptability credit card blocks guesthouse all things of credit card of international of Long Ka amounts to bank of construction of China of card of spic of gold of Chinese agriculture bank (Master) international credit card power person (carry knows credit card of international of VISA) (AMEX) international credit card comes greatly (JCB of credit card of Diners Club) international

Price of house of load of net of retail sales price embodies the sort of local guest room that the thank chose Inner Mongolia restaurant to lodge as you early get online 普通标准间 800元人民币(RMB) 470元人民币(RMB) 不含 免费上网 现在订房 标准间 906元人民币(RMB) 566元人民币(RMB) 含 免费上网 现在订房 豪华单人间(单早) 906元人民币(RMB) 590元人民币(RMB) 含 免费上网 现在订房 行政标准间(单早) 1060元人民币(RMB) 650元人民币(RMB) 含 免费上网 现在订房 行政豪华间(单早) 1360元人民币(RMB) 810元人民币(RMB) 含 免费上网 现在订房 普通套房(单早) 1600元人民币(RMB) 950元人民币(RMB) 含 免费上网 现在订房 豪华套房(单早) 1070元人民币(RMB) 1070元人民币(RMB) 含 免费上网 现在订房 行政套房(单早) 1600元人民币(RMB) 950元人民币(RMB) 含 免费上网 现在订房 行政商务套(单早) 9999元人民币(RMB) 7499元人民币(RMB) 含 免费上网 现在订房 普通标准间(双早) 676元人民币(RMB) 490元人民币(RMB) 含 免费上网 现在订房 标准间(双早) 906元人民币(RMB) 586元人民币(RMB) 含 免费上网 现在订房 豪华单人间(双早) 955元人民币(RMB) 610元人民币(RMB) 含 免费上网 现在订房 行政标准间(双早) 1060元人民币(RMB) 670元人民币(RMB) 含 免费上网 现在订房
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