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Big public house of boat of Inner Mongolia country
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Edifice of boat of Inner Mongolia country is the hotel of a business affairs that invests build according to level of 4 stars grade by China International airline, be located in center of Huhhot city banking, border municipal Party committee and each are main government organization; Each main bank, insurance company and negotiable securities orgnaization distributing all round, traffic is convenient, solid business affairs and travel guest make in Huhhot city for very the public house that like.

The hotel has 280 to decorate the guest room with elegance, complete establishment, include distinctive administrative floor guest room and smokeless guest room, city of rate preexistence Huhhot came true online service of broadband high speed is provided inside all guest room, satisfy requirement of office of business affairs guest; Complete banquet and conference establishment can recieve the conference of different dimensions, provide online service of broadband high speed, professional conference serves, ensure the conference goes on wheels.

Business affairs serves:

Floor of administration of ★ of   of   of   of   of ★ administration corridor is luxurious guest room
★ professional accountant engineers center of   ★ business affairs

Major serves:

Handicraft inn of ★ of   of   of office of ticket of carry out of ★ country boat
★ hairdressing beautifies hair store of clothing of high-quality goods of central   ★


The dining-room in ★ Feng Xiangxuan: Renown hutch Mr Huang Shuwei that comes from Hong Kong brings cate of high-quality goods of food of another name for Guangdong Province for you, also be fete of your business affairs
Optimal choice.
Hall of ★ sunshine coffee: The buffet of type of Chinese and Western that can taste savor to come from international gust everyday, Western-style food at 0 o'clock cate, repast environment
Romance is sweet, provide 24 hours of services sending eat, everyday new course is tasted.
Dining-room of ★ Hokkaido Japan: Act according to for you on the first the most authentic Japan local color of Huhhot city that has exotic emotional appeal cate,
Dressing and burden all come from Japan.
How does ★ letter reside gust dining-room: Xi'an name hutch makes the expert name food of rich place characteristic for you, satisfy you the preference to cate. ★ Jialishixi corridor of food alcoholic drink: Enjoy elegant and easy environment at the same time, the music with one side pleasant listen respectfully, photograph of 35 good friends gets together, life of can yet be regarded as of a cup of two cups of vintage wine one great pleasure.
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