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Big public house of Yue of Inner Mongolia guest
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★ of ★ of big public house of Yue of Inner Mongolia guest

Big public house of Yue of Inner Mongolia guest is
International modernization of 4 stars class is omnibus hotel of concerning foreign affairs or foreign nationals.

Guest Yue big public house is offerred for you
Internationalization, specialization, individuation
high-class service makes you times feeling is sweet, honour show nobility
It is the good choice of activity of your conference, business affairs, travel.

The hotel is located in center of Huhhot city culture
All round the college is bristly, the environment is quiet and tastefully laid out, culture atmosphere is grumous.

Communication is easy, with flourishing mart
Be in nearly very close be apart from a railway station 5 kilometers, be apart from an airport 15 kilometers.

The hotel has a president various guest room waits between flatlet, luxurious apartment, standard 207,
Exalted and luxurious, exalted elegance, can satisfy your different need,
The brigade that it is business is busy you provide a sweet and easy and comfortable room.
Establishment of modern standard guest room, bring you comfortable enjoyment.

The room is deployed adjustable air conditioning of changes in temperature, ample shower room and beautify hair appliance, private safe,
Confuse your bar, international / door lock of TV of domestic phone direct dial, computer, satellite, electron.
All guest room all offer broadband port, let you all enjoy business affairs advantage.

The thank chose the place that hotel of Yue of Inner Mongolia guest lodges as you

House price is expressed

Price of the guest room on net of price of retail sales of guest room sort 760 yuan of RMBs between standard two-men (RMB) 396 yuan RMB (RMB) orders room standard odd world now 780 yuan of RMBs (RMB) 396 yuan RMB (RMB) orders room luxurious suite now 1180 yuan of RMBs (RMB) 649 yuan RMB (RMB) orders 920 yuan of RMBs between room costly bid now (