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Colorful amount to Hangzhou Jin Tao of general manager of contemporary impressio
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Colorful amount to Hangzhou Jin Tao of general manager of contemporary impression hotel

Mr Jin Tao is currently held the post ofcolorful amount to Hangzhou contemporary impression hotel (chip) general manager, be engaged in hotel industry working 23 years, big public house of international of hotel of restaurant of lira of edifice of guesthouse of lake of the in sight after Ceng Xian, Hangzhou, sweet case, holiday, Zhejiang, on anxiety international big public house and Hua Tingyun dwell go vacationing the hotel holds a post.

Mr Jin Tao ever held the position of assistant of general manager of Zhejiang international big public house, accredit is in charge of a hotel managing in the round, run through solid sale, all overfulfil the management index that increase by degrees every year. Regard hotel management as core member, whole journey participated in the argumentation of hotel ISO9000 and ISO14000 to evaluate the work, and of green restaurant declare assess job.

Mr Jin Tao is being held the position of on during general manager of anxiety international big public house, lead administrative group, through manage successfully and be being run, make go up inside short time the 5 stars evaluation that anxiety international big public house passes national tourism bureau smoothly, hanged out his shingle in March 2006 5 stars class, become Zhejiang to visit hotel of class of the 10th 5 stars, insist to passed the sale strategy that makes big cake to promote a hotel quickly outstanding achievement, popularized on anxiety city external travel figure.

Mr Jin Tao is holding the position of Hua Tingyun dwell to go vacationing when hotel president, advocate human nature to turn management, made the employee team of an efficient solidarity, the sale strategy that uses grip cobble especially and the design that select through serving a contact to the key and management, make a public house famous degree, beautiful praise degree, outstanding achievement is climbed quickly litre, those who got company board of directors, client and industry is extensive approbate.

Mr Jin Tao is having the rich experience that in state-operated hotel, China and foreign countries the hotel of Gao Xing class such as joint-stock hotel, international brand hotel, civilian battalion hotel works, with Chinese and Western the administrator of setting of square different culture passes a work in all, shirt-sleeve capability is strong, drew the administrative distinguishing feature of different hotel, accumulated rich hotel management experience. Ever went to and other places of Euramerican, southeast Asia several times to had inspected service line of business, having deeper research to serving industry government. Ever had participated in Hangzhou to face install international big public house, medium of big public house of international of hotel of holiday of international of old hotel, Hangzhou, Zhejiang prepare to construct and practice. The system is paid attention to to build on management, know one's subordinates well enough to assign them jobs commensurate with their abilities, develop the enthusiasm of subordinate and innovation ability adequately, achieve the group atmosphere of efficient collaboration through building good company culture.
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