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Wei of Yuan of expert of professional hotel administration bright
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Wei of Yuan of expert of professional hotel administration bright

Yuan Wei bright, should be China the earliest " the sea puts in a clique 's charge " . Some earlier the person of time knows, return outside Yuan Wei Ming Conghai, aspire is the hotel travel enterprise that grows the motherland to make contribution, with the passion to the motherland, give oneself youth the motherland, he ever had the honor to win bureau of expert of national foreign country to issue " friendship is numismatic " , get of national leader Li Peng, Zhu 镕ji kind interview. Regard a foreign country as the expert, he is awarded by Guangzhou municipal government " remarkable contribution award " . Obtained 2003 " China is crackajack and patriotic personage award " .

1983, mr Yuan in adviser of Chinese Ministry of Public Health Ma Dehai is taught (Mao Zedong is private doctor) inspire next going back to the motherland, took up the post of Guilin orange osmanthus early or late the general manager of general manager of big public house of hill of swallow of general manager of big public house, Beijing and Guangzhou garden cafe, during, he achieves result of person of a chain of arrogant, obtained the friendship medal that bureau of expert of national foreign country awards and letter, get of Premier Li Peng kind interview, be awarded " certificate of merit of Guangzhou municipal government " .

Mr Yuan is engaged in hotel industry more than 30 years, all previous inferior, 3 big cities of Europe, beauty, the one a complete set of that formed oneself manages concept and mode, and write the jingle into bright able to read aloud fluently, in order to facilitate hotel management layer and employee are remembered. Among them wide be a when circulate is: One diligent the world does not have tickler, trying successfully, failure is abandoning. This looks in be like simple word actually contain a deep sense: The person has active challenge only, just have successful hope. Although Mr Yuan emphasizes a hotel again and again,is commercial secretary in course of study definitely, but he introduces a foreign country the advanced management experience, government that joins national condition and management method is worth to be popularized inside hotel industry really. As Chinese of a beautiful book, mr Yuan development studied Mao Zedong Thought of Communist Party constitution, Marxism-Leninism, apply neatly, Niu Dao tries repeatedly, in the hotel good economic benefits was obtained in managing, social benefit and political benefit. Believe in " the person is the first element " this truth, mr Yuan holds to in hotel management " employee the first, the client is consummate " principle, differ with other controller, the watch of hotel management structure of himself scale is to pour pyramid shape, employee puts uppermost face, and general manager however park most lower level.

Mr Yuan Wei bright ever held a post at world famous public house, include:

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