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Hilton (Shanghai) general manager Volkmar Ruebel
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Hilton (Shanghai) general manager Volkmar Ruebel

Volkmar Ruebel -- Hilton the general manager of Shanghai, basically be in charge of each management of the hotel and operation, and Pu Xi area accepts an argument fully, the busiest public house is big.

Volkmar pauses in rare Er the group holds a post those who be as long as 42 years is long, have rich hotel management experience. Among them, he works 40 years suddenly in Asian rare Er, the Hilton in Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Japan, Korea and Hong Kong and other places has worked, opened hotel of class of 7 5 stars in our region.

Before coming to Shanghai hold a post, he is in Tokyo Hilton worked 7 years. During he holds a post, hilton obtained Tokyo at that time the highest income of hotel industry, become Xierduji's most successful below round banner public house.

1995, he joins Shanghai rare Er to pause hotel. Meantime, he witnessed the growing course of the urban changes of Shanghai and local hotel industry.