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Europe hotel manages Shi Lin of general manager of advisory limited company in
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Europe hotel manages Shi Lin of general manager of advisory limited company in

Mr Shilin comes from Holand. Have the honor to win Holand government institute " restaurant management " baccalaureate, be graduated from travel of boreal London university to manage major, obtain " travel management " master's degree.

Be in early 1997, shi Lin comes to China and wait for many international in Beijing, Hong Kong, Harbin, Shenzhen early or late famous public house is engaged in high-level management working.

In Chinese job meantime, he saw the demand that comes from Chinese hotel industry, hotel of the Europe in capturing this good luck to held water 2004 runs advisory limited company, be as long as him 15 years to assume office to wait for hotel of many world-famous chain and accumulated rich experience and professional knowledge and client to share at Europe, Asia, Africa, middle east.

Manage professional international manpower to run advisory company as the first hotel that is in China - in Europe hotel runs advisory limited company. The hotel that for a particular cause devotes oneself to to be Chinese mainland, advanced dining-room, tourism is offerred specialization in the round service. Can need according to the client not only, offer appropriate foreign nationality person selected, and also can provide the native land and senior public figure with position bigger and bigger demand.

The company joined in 2004 brand HES Global is in adviser of well-known resource of international hotel manpower our client has the whole world top class 4, international of 5 stars class interlinks a hotel, high-quality goods hotel, luxurious go vacationing hotel and association of travel trade organization. Be in China, we follow great majority international hotel of chain of 5 stars class has cooperative agreement and contract of invite applications for a job, our client has: Sweet case lira, happy event will ascend, hilton, the four seasons, intercontinental, kaibinsiji, the holiday is waited a moment.

The course is successive nearly 20 years of swift and violent development, chinese hotel industry has made the essential industry of national economy. And the Chinese hotel industry 2007 is windstorm a kind of green tea is halcyon year, the Gao Liu that is about to greet place of Olympic Games grand occasion to bring estimates hotel passenger source. In Beijing 2008 Olympic Games are mixed Shanghai world rich met those who wait for large activity hold 2010 reach domestic travel market to last the element such as prosperity is driven, hotel industry has become the investment heat with group of the commercial capital, estate, hotel that cross a state and individual new investor. According to calculating annual the whole nation builds restaurant to amount to 1500 above only, always invest many yuan nearly 4000. In addition, industry of industry of the aggravate that competes as the market, hotel upgrades accelerate, industry condition is ceaseless innovation and green restaurant are arisen, a large number of only then the meal storefront that is built at last century end is being faced new round updating is transformed. Can expect, chinese hotel industry will show an unprecedented tremendous business chance to common people.
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