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Shanghai world luxuriant Dong Cheng of general manager of hotel of royal Ai Mei
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Shanghai world luxuriant Dong Cheng of general manager of hotel of royal Ai Mei health

The people square of Shanghai is all sorts of activities all along hold the ground, also be burgeoning hotel chain collect the ground. Be fond of the hotel that amount to house to reach go vacationing village international group buys moxa beauty brand successfully recently, give hotel of Ai Mei of trade of extraction of the first emperor at leaving in Shanghai people square in December 2006.

Dong Cheng of Australian record public figure health gentleman is Shanghai world luxuriant general manager of hotel of royal Ai Mei, hold the position of administrative job before hotel start business, still devote oneself to to promote the development of the hotel at present. After the country such as European each country, Australia and Kuwait works a few years, his professional career produced new change, he came to China, work in hotel of Guangzhou white swan. Later besides work one year in Bangkok beyond, he left other time in China to work. He once had worked in Guilin, Shenyang, Macao.

With area of Shanghai people square photograph of hotel of class of other Gao Xing is compared, world luxuriant the place with special what does hotel of royal Ai Mei have?

Shanghai world luxuriant hotel of royal Ai Mei is a hotel that owns unique design and integrated establishment. Shanghai world luxuriant hotel of royal Ai Mei is one-stop hotel, have bright and distinctive meal place, center of advanced conference establishment, hydrotherapy and center of 24 hours of business affairs. The distinction of hotel and other public house also depends on our group devoting oneself to to provide an innovation, perfect interactive experience to the guest.

What character do you take a fancy to when employ employee?

Also be very important above all, we search the stuff that has outstanding manner and group mind. The level that we choose the order according to primary and secondary should be: Manner the first, it is skill and experience next. Additional, we search the employee that can match hotel style and distinguishing feature, that is " fashionable and masterly, culture and exploration " .

Do you think to did not come to China 10 years what kind of influence will the tourist bring for Shanghai?

To the hotel of all Shanghai, chinese business affairs and recreational traveler are the origin that main guest room leads. In our hotel, they are being represented the 2nd or the group on the 3rd big geography. I predict to be in a few years of future in, the percentage that Chinese passenger holds in place of hotel of 5 stars class will rise continuously.

What does the challenge that in Shanghai and China management hotel encounters have?

The rapid development of Chinese hotel industry caused the shortage of manpower resource. This shortage will be in 3 years of future, because world rich meets those who be in Shanghai spread out, increase of new public house ceaselessly and become add more serious. The talented person that such circumstance will give other industry of province town public house offers opportunity of quite a few.
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