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Shen Napeng: Bin ton the person do poineering work that discharge ? does backsi
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For the Chinese entrepreneur to yearning for venture capital investment, the copartner of fund of venture capital investment is the angel in their heart undoubtedly. Shen Napeng is the person above average in them, the investment banker identity of his wall street and establish the perfect couple that carries Cheng Rujia to experience, enough lets him become today industry of venture capital investment most do a job with skill and ease and the most crackajack delegate.
Concerned data makes clear, door of country of corner of on -727379968 yuan of venture capital, enterprise of hundreds venture capital investment peek is worn having great start the baby that thinks gene period enterprise. Across is, several with 100 thousand plan entrepreneur, the person that perhaps do poineering work attends the sumptuous dinner of rich and powerful family of venture capital investment in all.
Is venture capital investment angel after all? Na Peng audition Shenyang explains wind to drop Chinese plan, certain very wonderful.
The Beijing of year end, cold assault. From Chinese larch China 24 office is looked at outwards, those who see is the city in a construction: Cloth of Luo Mi of size project star, cascade of crisscross of new old structure, as if everything has overturn the likelihood that comes again, it seems that any looks be like little chance to be brought up likely great and immortal.
However, be afraid the master Shen Napeng of this office is bright however this one deep desire outside leisure goes admiring a window.
Regard the delegate of industry of domestic venture capital investment as the character, since he and Zhang Fan two people are received below " Chinese larch " (these two words begin Sequoia Capital) , be destined to become the equipment inside course of study to get the boy or girl friend that fix eyes upon. Even if is to have guide carry Cheng, if the enterprise such as the home knocks Nasidake gate such aureate personal details, compared with in Chinese larch this " large tree " next growing the most preeminent company on the world such as the malic computer that rise, Cisco, Yahoo, Google, shen Napeng's pressure is self-evident.
From September 2005 Chinese larch China founds today, had exceeded two years. In these two years of much time, the trend that Chinese economy grows tantivy is clear but differentiate, and the investment detailed account of Chinese larch China lets a person look some are questioningly however.
Hotel, landed, medium, sporting goods, till October the bottom invests with 5 million dollar " orgnaization of adviser of substantive manage money matters " Noah money management center, the place in the investment of opposite Yu Gongsha in ocean the other shore always maintains the continuity of the move, such investment distributings to have apparently some beyond people expect.
Road of Chinese larch China: "Venture capital investment is one therein long-term Game "
"Up to now, we and American copartner cooperate very faultlessly, this is afraid is profit from is opposite at first Chinese larch China ' local policymaker ' decide definitely. " with what appear on media before " 2, businessman of 30 time Shanghai " figure is different, be in at the moment the Shen Napeng before us already vogue, spell able, it is onefold back head and glasses of old-style round casing no longer.
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