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Service brands upstream constraints to making up the five-star hotel
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Chengdu car industry was first introduced five-star hotel management to 4S store when the steering in order to reduce its own brand and a joint venture between brands "Own brand and a joint venture between the brand, not the product, while in the service." Wangdui Hai said. The beginning of 2003 to enter all the co-Brilliance, has been beating the drums for their own brands and the development efforts of whom are car people In reaching the conclusion that: "To achieve greater development of independent brands, to be a breakthrough in the service." Uplink service constraints brands Recently, China's auto newspaper at the "2009 ~ 2010 China Automotive star service brand named" The results show: a joint venture passenger car on the overall consumer satisfaction than own brands. In contrast the subdivision of the , The joint venture "sales sites like car show", "free sales hotline", "maintenance registration, program, fees informed," "service concept of publicity" are better than four independent brands. "The progress of own brand products for all to see, however, going up its own brand, increase market share is difficult, largely with the services." An industry source said, "Although a number of brands Companies have released their brand of service, but mostly concentrated on the sale, but not necessarily implement in place, contrast, joint ventures or international automobile brands have a rich cultural heritage, there are stringent Standards, implementation is also good. So overall, a joint venture brand of service slightly better than the own brand. " "I have a colleague, going to buy a car, had been selected the target, only give you the money to buy a car door, the results met two salespeople feel ugly face, and finally went into a shop next to in just a minute to change Changed his mind because a service is another passion. "Sichuan Jinjiang Hotel Management Tourism quality specifications and training company director Tao He spoke to reporters an example, as an example of the importance of service. The audience in January this year, the management company, general manager Wang Duihai Brilliance joint invitation of the management of its supervisory 4S stores in this before a number of independent brands and joint venture brands 4S shops were thoroughly investigated. Concludes: "own brand Service standards that far with a joint venture between brands. Like Toyota, Honda, Volkswagen and other brands of 4S stores, their service standards have been close to the high-star hotel, and its own brand on the degree of attention to detail is not enough. " Details determine success or failure must grasp the details of service "The main problem lies in the service front." Wangdui Hai after a long business and found, to enhance the service must be a fundamental solution to the problem. Allow customers to a door, you can feel the pleasure. Wangdui Hai Jin Jiang management company before the introduction of other 4S shops are also to study a lot, "does not the same, one into the shop, the feeling is not the same." Wangdui Hai remember most clearly is that "people will be seated after you push a units installed Car full of drinks over, ask what you choose. And we just ask our customers: do not want to cup of tea? "How can so quickly reach their five -star hotel 4S store level? Is called" ideas King "Wang Duihai feel that the most Direct approach is to directly ask the hotel management company over management. Before the Wangdui Hai, in fact, many car dealers have mentioned the "five-star hotel-style service" concept, but would like him to five-star hotel managers go to the store when the steering, and a professional management company set up a project, please Group to manage the company, and continued one-year, Chengdu car industry is the first time. In Jinjiang Hotel has 30 years of management experience in the Department of Army, Zhang became the supervisor, his task is to patrol around in the shop, and then rectify Proper place. And 4S stores in his management of the weekly newspaper, the reporter managed to see them in great detail, such as the recent report of November 18 for mention: "an ashtray has 3 cigarette butts, a flowerpot leaf On the dusty, a Gualian blocking the store LOGO and so on. "All issues are identified responsible person, requiring time-limited deal with problems found. "He (Zhang Department of Army) power is sometimes bigger than me." Wangdui Hai said, "He can even in the high-level employees have the right incentives. Details determine success or failure, we must pay attention to details." "We have for many big banks, some tourist attractions provide management and training services, is the first time with the car dealer contacts." He Tao said, "After months of running, we found that automotive service chain longer, More professional. And the car is large for most consumers of luxury goods, choose a more cautious, also, a lot of automotive products, can replace strong, so the consumer demand for services also higher. "He recognized Is now independent brand car prices and car dealers are aware of the service's key, it is more humane and standardized to the direction, in time, I believe the brand own brand and joint gaps in services will be reduced to , And even become a competitive advantage.