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Irish institutions of tourism and hotel management expertise
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Cooperation in tourism between Ireland and China has always been very close, and our recent cooperation in tourism include: former State Secretary for Tourism Ireland, Michael, Mr. Natty invited by the China National Tourism Administration in the preparation of the "Best Tourist City standard system", by internationally renowned Irish international travel company in Guizhou Province of China prepared for the "Guizhou Tourism Development Master Plan," and so on. Known as the "Emerald country," said Ireland is located in western Europe a safe and peaceful island, as Europe and the Netherlands, Switzerland par tourist destination, tourism has always been Ireland's economic pillar industries, nearly 15% of the employed population engaged in tourism-related work. Various institutions which provide the high quality of Ireland's tourism-related courses are inseparable. The following Ireland Education Alliance (http://www.studyie.com) to briefly set up the institutions of Ireland's tourism and hotel management courses. University of Limerick University of Limerick National Science and Technology Park in Ireland Limo Rick University is the most popular student at the National University of Ireland, where close to the famous fragrant tourist area. University offers a one-year professional Master of international tourism, the main professional tour for non-professional undergraduate career by learning to enable students to master the basic theory of the tourism industry. The main course of study include: Tourism Marketing, Principles and Practice of the tourism industry, international tourism and economics, while still in the curriculum for students in a special internship. Dublin Institute of Technology Dublin Institute of Technology As the largest of the National University of Ireland, Dublin Institute of Technology due to the practicality of the courses offered by the majority of students. University offers undergraduate programs related to include: hotel management, entertainment management, tourism marketing, the creation of the relevant graduate professional include: tourism management, hotel management. Are more than four years of undergraduate academic and graduate professional education system for one year. Athlone Institute of Technology Athlone Institute of Technology Central city in Ireland's Athlon Athlon Institute is a government of vocational education in public universities, the University opened a three-year Tourism and Hospitality Management undergraduate course, in the training practical purposes talent, the professional After graduation, most graduates enter the financial, insurance, hotels and other related services field. Shannon College of Hotel Management shannon College of Hotel Management National University of Ireland belongs as Shannon College of Hotel Management, Institute of hotel management training a large number of the qualified personnel, which enjoys a high reputation in the international community. College offers a four-year undergraduate course in hotel management, the biggest feature of the undergraduate curriculum emphasizes practice in the four years of study, students will be paid one and a half of the time to participate in practice, namely the second grade and fourth grade year the second semester, in this regard so that students have the ability to field hands, on the other hand to give students work-study opportunities. Griffith College Griffith College, Dublin Griffith College is a private in the Irish capital Dublin, institutions of higher learning. College offers a three-year undergraduate international service management, through three years of systematic study, students will be able to meet the aviation industry, finance, insurance, tourism (including hotel management), and other industry employment needs. At present, the professional fees of about 70,000 yuan per year.