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Begonia Bay Office will be recruited to star land farmers can work
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Begonia Bay held special recruitment landless farmers "High-star hotel front door to go to work!" Sanya, 26 October newspaper (Xinhua Tribute) This morning, a special job fair will be held in the government compound Begonia bay, attracting over 400 landless farmers to come to candidates. This recruitment will be by the Management Committee of Haitang Bay in Sanya City, the town government led by the forthcoming opening of the Conrad Hotel in Sanya Bay, and Wanda Begonia Begonia Bay Hilton Sanya Resort Begonia Bay, land acquisition for special recruitment farmers involved hotel rooms, security, work and recreation, personnel and other departments a total of 100 jobs. Reporters on the scene candidates at the full of people, most of which are 20-year-olds, they both said the work is very long for the hotel. Coconut Grove Village, Urban transportation sister told reporters that the two groups, she has been in middle school to help his mother at home, work, and governmental organizations have participated in home economics, gardening and other job training courses, I heard that the two especially beautiful hotel, home is so close, really want to go to work. It is understood that since the development of self-Bay Begonia, Begonia Bay Working Committee, the CMC, Begonia bay committee and town government to ensure that landless farmers made "every household has industry, everyone has employment" objective to share the majority of farmers Begonia Bay development and construction of the results, a fundamental solution to the long-term livelihood of farmers in transition. To this end, Begonia Bay from the job training, labor surveys, corporate incentive tripartite labor started this work. Currently, Bay Begonia has gradually established and improved the basic employment services platform, completed 1288 of the employment training. Also issued to provide that positive enrollment and training time, and each award 100; training institutions where access to the city's professional qualification certificate issued, 300 per award. Meanwhile, the CMC has also developed Begonia Bay "Bay planning area businesses on Begonia Begonia Gulf nationals recruited by the opinions of staff": to December 2011 only, in addition to relevant regulations related to municipal subsidies, all businesses in the region recruit membership in Haitangwan proportion of local workers more than 30% the number of enterprise and employment, and awarded the "Begonia Bay employment of advanced enterprises," the honorary title, the awards team 5 million; year Haitangwan membership recruit local workers to business and employment ratio of the number of more than 50%, awarded the "outstanding contribution to enterprise employment Begonia Bay," the honorary title, the awards team 10 million. In addition, the Begonia Bay Management Committee, the town government is also free for businesses Haitangwan held special recruitment of migrant workers. Begonia Bay each recruit membership size of local workers in the 50 -99 people, and give employers subsidies to 1 million; each Haitangwan membership recruit local workers to 100 scale, and subsidies 2 million. Bay area companies planning Begonia Begonia Bay recruit local villagers temporary resettlement areas, and signed a written employment contract years, from 200 yuan per person per month for employment from month to corporate subsidies. It is reported that the recruitment for two days, as of 5 pm today, a total of 550 job applications were submitted, the hotel party with 80 of them signed a labor agreement, part of the resume to be reserved for the second interview. Starting from November, to be appointed who will come for duty, to participate in job training for the hotel.