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The hotel is now selling corn syrup squeezed fire
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Recently, the weather becoming cooler, a green natural, health and safety of the hotels are hot pressed corn steep liquor sales, and some hotels sell nearly one bar one day, in short supply! This is because the use of this thin tender corn syrup, sweet and delicious, without any special additives, corn and materials as raw materials, specialized equipment, in strict accordance with rules, cooked cooking, fine boil over low heat to ensure the Safety and health and flavor taste. The Valley vegetable corn syrup is on this basis, add the carrots, pumpkin, black rice and other food raw materials, more nutrition, more flavor! Another equally popular freshly squeezed juices, fresh fruit and vinegar is based on fructose as a raw material spot squeezed from the system, called the pulp of fresh fruit vinegar, both sweet and sour, but also support a combination of vinegar hangover Yan, nutrient-rich fresh fruit , Fructose, fat, diabetes and avoid the characteristics of those who can moderate drinking. The unique taste of black currant juice, it is non-polluting use of black currant berries Changbai Mountain as raw materials, combined with vinegar, fructose, the scene is made, it is a Rare good drink. Practice shows that health and safety, natural nutrition, is the eternal theme of the modern diet of a real will by the masses welcome. These are pressing the green natural corn syrup, vinegar fresh plasma, fresh black currant syrup, not hot The Spring City, and even went to the Shenyang, Beijing, Zhengzhou, Shenzhen and other parts of the country. Interested friends can be to the appropriate hotel to taste.