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Pig of Pure Brightness gold wants expensive 1 many times wine shop already was
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Report from our correspondent regards Cantonese Pure Brightness as Bai Zusao grave advocate dozen article -- , the porket that bake has begun to book now. The reporter visited much home to burn dried meat inn and hotel know yesterday, many impatient citizens come over to seek advice book, but because get live pig trade price,case rises wait for an element, analysis of the personage inside course of study bakes porket price to be able to rise at most this year nearly 1 times.

A week before Pure Brightness is to book a height

"Still cannot decide now whether can book. " yesterday morning, gongbei the staff member tells ministry of cooked food of bazaar of 10 thousand beautiful the reporter, because chief is absent, she cannot decide whether the client can book the porket that bake now. But this staff member says, the price that bakes porket this year can rise certainly. "Was less than 200 yuan about only last year, but regular this year meeting exceeds this value. " some wine shop introduces Gongbei, ministry of Chinese meal of this wine shop has accepted a client to book, booked about 6 yesterday. Because generally speaking, the client booked sacred gold pig to begin from a month, to the front of tomb-sweeping day a week can reach a peak. "After clear last year a kind of green tea picked before Pure Brightness, we can be sold everyday give many 30 porket that bake. " charcoal of live pig trade price all rises nearly 1 times He Mojia bazaar staff member introduction is same, home Tang some dining-room piece surname proprietress also states the price of golden pig can rise this year, and go up a meeting achieve nearly 1 times. "The price that we take live pig now had risen nearly 1 times. " piece surname proprietress says, in the meantime, the fuel that the porket that bake uses also rose nearly 1 times, because this sale gives price of the porket that bake regular meeting,rise. She says, she predicts a common porket that bake also wants 300 yuan of above this year.

"Rise in price to also do not have method. " to the price of golden pig can rise this year be related, the reporter interviewed ten passerby randomly in Gongbei yesterday afternoon, suffer great majority of the person that interview to express to be able to be accepted. "Rise because of pork price much in that way, nature of golden pig price also can rise. " Mr Wu that professes to work in some ad firm says, golden pig is Pure Brightness is done obeisance to ancestor requisite, although rise in price again unusually,also can buy generally speaking.