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Public house of town of the travel after Spring Festival golden week depreciates
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After Spring Festival golden week passes, not only airline ticket sells at a discount greatly, the hotel of a lot of popular travel cities or scene area enters the price to also be reduced considerably. The author learns from net of the journey that carry Cheng, high-grade hotel restores and other places of the Hong Kong after the section, Macao basically ferial price, enter the price relatively drop during the Spring Festival 50% the left and right sides.

According to carrying Cheng controller of business of viatic net hotel introduces, hong Kong, Macao, Hangzhou, Suzhou, Xiamen is this year the Spring Festival is popular travel city, at present the astral class hotel of these cities reduces the price in succession. Be like Macao some is luxurious the hotel is advanced room, entering the price now is 900 multivariate overnight, it is during the Spring Festival 2600 multivariate, room cost dropped 65% , the price after the section is the 1/3 of Spring Festival price only.

The urban house cost such as Hangzhou, Harbin falls not small also. Be like Hangzhou between standard of hotel of class of some 4 stars, inside the golden week entering the price is 748 yuan of one night, now is 428 yuan, it is only 57% original. Harbin between the high level of hotel of class of some 4 stars, spring Festival price is 688 yuan of one night, it is 430 yuan only now.

The personage inside course of study expresses, go out after the section travel is the most substantial still is to be by Feburary before, as the advent of busy season of activity of traditional March business affairs, high-grade hotel price will rise in succession in city of each big business affairs such as Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, the room is supplied also can present nervous position. If be the friend that the plan was away on official business March, want early book good morning heart, lest delay the journey.