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The Spring Festival is become provincial the golden week of small town hotel
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From the traditional Chinese calendar the New Year's Eve arrived last year yesterday, large volume is minor inside inspect benefit county 449 inn, still hanging entirely almost " repletion " brand. This year during the Spring Festival, wuhan is a few more circumjacent in small town happens to coincide the ground appeared to go out the new issue that guesthouse of bag of return to one's native place of the person that work spends the New Year. The inn inside inspect benefit county " one house is begged hard " , it is the reporter is experienced personally; Yesterday Cong Xiantao, go and other places of river, public security is learned, local guesthouse Spring Festival explodes full status also like inspect benefit county.

11 days of evening, 4 people are reporter group accident of river of the Ba Zhui in covering inspect interest is urgent drive toward inspect benefit. Late night 11 when, after the reporter reachs inspect benefit town, catch the Zhu He that is driven toward 30 kilometers again to press down, morrow before dawn 2 when after sending complete the manuscript, look for all guesthouse hostel on the town, all be informed to do not have a room. Reporter group returns put up for the night of inspect benefit county then, sauntered inside the city a hour, small hostel does not let off even roadside, still ate however " a thick soup that close the door " , was forced to rely on midnight on board finally.

The reporter continues 12 days to be interviewed in inspect benefit, encounter Wuhan another media travels together, evening weighing a head sought 3 hours in the county ability occupy a small hostel. The reporter requests inspect benefit county Party committee to publicize ministry comrade to seek a room beforehand, undersecretary Yuan Chengyan contacted 3 many hours, nice not easy gift finds two guest room in one hotel. Yuan Chengyan says, price of local inn house can be hit at least at ordinary times 8 fold, and be spent the New Year by return to one's native place entirely because of guest room during the Spring Festival or visit his family greeting person books one sky, a minute of Qianbuken falls.

Reporter yesterday from other a few therein small town understands, the case over there is same also. The reporter says in colleague Mr Yan of Wuhan, his the beginning of the year 4 go paying a New Year call to celestial being peach, finally is to pass a ripe talent to find a room in one hotel, house price 700 yuan. One controller tells Qian Jiangbin house the reporter: These two years, the Spring Festival became local guesthouse public house almost " the golden week " .