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City outing countryside swims into the golden week to travel " leading role "
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Yesterday is large the beginning of the year 4, in wintry day warm this world, city of another name for Ningbo shows the festive atmosphere that reveals a festival everywhere. Periphery of more and more tourist choice outskirts of a city swim, countryside swims wait for short distance festival of recreational travel spend joyfully. Each county (city) area travel department also is rolled out in succession " year flavour " product of strong short distance travel and section celebrate an activity, abounded the connotation that the Spring Festival travels.

Number of tourist of area of scene of our city each travel, tourist attraction has than before a few days rise apparently, drive oneself among them swim, medicinal powder the guest swims to give priority to body. The holiday that occupy town does statistic, yesterday, brook mouth beauty spot welcomes a visitor twenty-three thousand eight hundred person-time, money lake travel goes vacationing east area forteen thousand three hundred person-time (among them elegant Gore zoo 9700 person-time) , area of travel of Teng first-born condition ten thousand two hundred person-time, area of scene of center of the world jade 9000 person-time. Logical sequence of You Ningbo short for Zhejiang Province is abroad area of scene of Yu Yuan of travel agent, the world, east Qian Hu travel goes vacationing the member be worker of ab extra Wu that the combination such as bureau of area classics hair initiates " love sends warm, happy spend good year " activity, successive two days invite leave another name for Ningbo foreign worker worker is visited freely east park of theme of Qian Hu, jade carving, the member that it is worker of ab extra Wu served " travel special purchases for the Spring Festival " .

Home is long term impact of the climate before because get a red-letter day,travelling is bigger, person energy of life is inferior to in former years apparently, but leave the country group of hair of You Fang face is relatively stable, wait except traditional HongKong and Macow, southeast Asia leave the country outside travel circuitry, new line also attracted many citizens outside a few conditions, be like bay the burgeoning circuitry such as Europe of new, north, Africa is chased after by the citizen hold in both hands, in company of peaceful wave oak the International Airport leaves a port larger proportion was held in the passenger.

City holiday does continue to work golden week safety to be weighed as Chongzhongzhi, increase superintendency strength, firm catchs measure to fulfil. End at present, whole town each main condition area (dot) order is favorable, travel is not had complain, without travel safety accident. But city holiday does remind broad visitor especially the citizen that self-help swims, go out to be sure to notice safety all right, should have done each to be on guard preparation.