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Cooked food of part of meal of the eve of the lunar New Year is unfavorable bale
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Recently, sanitation of Jinan city health bureau supervised place to release the 1st sanitation is safe 2008 early-warning announcement, to carrying on the meal unit of meal of the eve of the lunar New Year is decided " careful regulation " , gave out to suggest to bale after citizen meal, the happening that with be on guard effectively the disease of the sex that feed a cause such as bromatoxism suffers from.

Supervisory place of Jinan city sanitation makes clear a requirement in this early-warning announcement each meal unit, should carry out strictly " Food Sanitation Law " , " sanitation of meal trade provision runs way " wait for legal laws and regulations, and to carrying on the unit of meal of the eve of the lunar New Year made detailed and specific provision. The demand continues each the meal unit of meal of the eve of the lunar New Year forbids to recieve ability to carry on more than meal of the eve of the lunar New Year, and dish must leave appearance 48 hours to be checked in order to have; Ripe the provision that makes treatment ought to be burned ripe boil fully, central temperature is not gotten under 70 ℃ , cold food should be in special make; Food of more than two hours is deposited before edible coming after cooking, ought to be in prep above is deposited below 60 ℃ or the condition under 10 ℃ .

This early-warning announcement seeks each meal unit even, must accomplish food, appliance to give birth to ripe departure, tableware is disinfected strictly; Must hold from personnel of course of study health and groom eligible proof mount guard; Purchase food and food former when complementary makings, should carry out Ministry of Public Health strictly " card of all alone of meal trade provision administers a regulation " , build food to purchase all alone card, replenish onr's stock to check and accept a system, must not purchase, use the provision that exceeds the expiration period and putrefaction.

Jinan city sanitation still warns customer in announcement of supervisory place early-warning, except gives repast to choose wholesome condition good, credit spends tall hotel, outside noticing reservation consumes an evidence, eat less as far as possible even or do not take unripe seafood product, want to put an end to the poisonous and harmful food such as edible balloonfish, and bale dish must store apart by the category, avoid food to be polluted each other, deposit time also with lying between eat advisable. Additional, vegetable heats repeatedly can reduce nutrition, and can generate nitrite, its can cause a harm to human body, and because do not have a course to heat,cold dish, salad is in in the process that make, because this catchs a bacterium very easily, the edible after laying aside period of time also can have a risk, so vegetable, cold dish, salad belong to unsuited baled food.