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Chinese do meal unit to roll out meal of the eve of the lunar New Year of Spring
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Ignore Spring Festival business chance all along Chinese run restaurant, also begin to value a group year meal economy. Yesterday off year of the traditional Chinese calendar, chinese do dining-room to be in succession stay Chinese fellow-townsman supplies year of meal banquet, borrow machine kill this locality group year rice market.

Heavy snow just stopped yesterday, be located in east prefectural Chinese runs 3 room inside small courtyard already voice noisy and confused, lively and special. Chinese do inside before 10 wrap a room to be in early 10 days, already booked entirely full, use carry on year of meal of off year of the traditional Chinese calendar. Grip year of rice market of off year ahead of schedule, be in Chinese in running restaurant not rarely seen, its are main client group look at stay definitely Chinese fellow-townsman.

Wang Hui of this dining-room clerk says, they had made a group in off year last year year meal, did not think of business fire on 10 days, every desk consumption is in 400 ~ 600 yuan, most a day of turnover exceeds 20 thousand multivariate. For this, they decide to finish this year countryside of farewell of off year business. Yesterday, realize greatly Chinese run the 10 bags room in the evening already all is ordered full. The guest that many coming round that book is disappointed and return. Realize greatly Chinese do vice director Han Shiwen to say, suffer from place is too little, business of a lot of packets of house is not received. Next year Spring Festival, realize greatly Chinese the stuff that do will live in Wuhan, much enlarge gives room of a few bags to come, undertake formally meal of Spring Festival the eve of the lunar New Year.

According to reporter understanding, this locality is accessary management earth is special of food dining room Chinese do an orgnaization to have 15 about, outside doing except this a few home Chinese that managing, major Chinese do to still be in wait-and-see in, if the business is good,say, next year also can create a condition to participate in competition.