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Western-style food is formal notice 16 kinds
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1, the doohickey that make an appointment. More high-grade restaurant needs to make an appointment beforehand more. When making an appointment, want to say clear number and time not only, also should make clear whether to want the place with smoking area or good eye shot. If be birthday or other and extraordinary time, can tell the purpose of the banquet and budget. In arrive inside time surely beforehand, it is basic courtesy.

2, again costly sportswear, also cannot wear the dining-room on the move at will.

3, the dress when having a meal is decent the common sense that is Euramerican person. Go high-grade dining-room, the man should wear neat jacket and leather shoes; The lady should be worn suit and have following shoe. If specify the word that wears formal dress, the man must make tie.

4, by the chair left enter. The decentest entering a means is from left enter. After the chair is pulled open, the space station that the body is wanting to come up against a table almost is straight, get person can push the chair, when leg turn comes up against the chair from the back, can sit.

5, when have dinner, the upper arm and back should rely on the back of the chair, abdomen and table maintain the distance of a fist, the sitting position of bipod across had better avoid.

6, order of formal serving of place of complete set meat is: Majestic is ripped swallow flesh of ④ of fruit of? ② cod-liver oil ③ kind desert of ⑥ of cheese of ⑤ breast cruel and coffee ⑦ fruit, still have the wine before eat and food alcoholic drink. Not was necessary to be nodded entirely, the dot is too much do not eat however discourteous instead. The dining room that has level a bit does not welcome the person of the dish before be being nodded only. Before dish, entree (fish or fleshy choose firstly) adding a desert is the most appropriate combination. Ordering dishes is not by before dish begins a drop, choose the entree that wants to eat most euqally first however, deserve to go up again the soup that suits entree.

7, not hard outfit is adept when ordering alcoholic drink. In advanced dining-room, can essence of life takes winelist at tasting the division moving wine of wine. The person that knows wine not quite, the famished look that had better tell him self-selection, budget, alcoholic drink that love kind taste, division of the spirits that ask tone helps choose.

8, entree if the flesh kind should match red wine, liquor of fish criterion collocation. Before serving, might as well come a cup of champagne, sherry or the weaker wine such as auspicious Er wine.

9, napkin can be opened before have dinner. After choosing course, this paragraph of time before advanced course delivers opens napkin, toward inside to fold 1/3, let 2/3 tile be on the leg, cover the double leg part of knee above. Had better not fill in napkin into collarband.

10, hold a cup of foot gently with 3 finger. Wine kind in serving to be in charge of pouring a few wine goblet by the clerk normally, let a guest differentiate character to whether have by accident. Simply regards it as a kind of form, drink a sip of answer autograph Good. Then, attendant can come wine, at this moment, do not start work go taking goblet, and should put goblet on the desk to go by attendant. Grasping a cup of pose correctly is to use finger to hold a cup of foot gently. Make wine lukewarm to avoid the temperature of the hand heighten, use base of handholding cup of thumb, middle finger, forefinger, the base station that the little finger puts in the cup is fixed.
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