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Xie Fuliang- - " 7 swords " cast meal company brand
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Meal enterprise is pressing the brand that needs perfect system is modelled. Enterprise of a lot of meal realized this, with period brand of have the aid of will realize fast dilate, safeguard industry health develops continuously. Actually, the brand of each industries shapes strategy is interlinked constitutionally, but, we still cannot underestimate the characteristic of meal brand and complexity, and in actual unit process of cargo bandling, put the difference with have certain really. Accordingly, want to model meal brand successfully, we are abided by hard with respect to need the following 7 law, abbreviation " 7 swords " . .

The first sword: Make sure the process can accuse

No matter meal enterprise uses strategy of what kind of brand finally, must assure what its brand shapes a process to be able to charge a sex, those who include those who invest capital to be able to accuse resource of gender, manpower can charge mass of Wu of kimono of quality of gender, product can accuse a gender to wait a moment, be short of one cannot, in order to ensure brand fictile dovish sex. For example, once product and service quality are in the trademark is well-known degree rise quickly, consumer amount is climbed quickly control is lost below quantitative situation, its consequence will be unimaginable, flourish China chicken, dew coagulates the brand such as burning incense boiler once the reason that failure has to say to have this side. Of course, for the meal enterprise to showing level, want to model a brand, should assure those who invest capital to be able to charge a sex above all.

Of course, when orgnaization collaboration is being engineered to model a brand with the brand in meal enterprise, this can accuse a gender to need bilateral joint efforts to ensure. For example, meal industry leader must hold sober head, everything from set out actually, cannot break away from meal enterprise to choose brand strategy actually, unfavorable executive brand " rapid march " , more unfavorable launch a brand " great leap forward " , and must notice to remind oneself, although do everything to want to assume particular risk, but unsuited the state of mind that bets with a person of extraordinary powers will model a brand, that is to say the brand is modelled should slow and steady; Brand plan orgnaization should analyse meal company adequately actual state, accurate hold a society to expand trend and meal business located the development trend of the industry, find cut a point suitably, in order to ensure of plan reasonable and the brand shapes a process can accuse.

The 2nd sword: Comb brand distant view

At the beginning of meal enterprise models a brand, at the beginning of analytic company is founded, should mix a variety of brand distant view that in developing a process, think, comb seriously next, determine the company brand prospect with a reasonable clarity, what is clear meal brand after all, should move toward where, and the brand distant view of this meal enterprise must be passed foresighted, have corresponding height, width and range, can lead whole meal the industry brand and join in the health that interlinks store brand develops continuously individually. In other words, distant view of brand of this meal company wants operate from a strategically advantageous position, the pyramid tower that should stand in meal company future to develop is pointed, can once the headrope of a fishing net is pulled up.
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