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Chinese meal serves common sense
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1. serves term

2. serves a program

3. attitude of attending to guests

4. serves regulation criterion

1. serves term (1) sees time greet sb actively early, late say hello to: "Good morning " , " good evening " , " good morning " ... . (When 2) greets a customer, greet sb: "Welcome you " , " inside please " ... . (How does 3) greet sb when pew: "Ask here to sit " , " sit please here " , " wait a bit please " ... . (After 4) guest sits down: "Use tea please " , " use towel please " ... . (When Introduction 5) meal: "What do you nod? " , " this is cookbook, ask you to order dishes. " , " had you discussed? " ... . (The accost in 6) eat: "Do you still need some other? " " use a meal please " ... . (7) and the client that wait let sb know: "Await a bit please " , " wait a bit please " , " good, this comes " ... . (The accost when 8) serving: "I am sorry, let your kick one's heels " ... . (9) is occupied when disturbing a guest: "I am sorry " , " bother you " , " won't disturb you? " ... . (When 10) removes incomplete dish: "I am sorry, can you remove this dish? " ... . (When 11) answers a client to want to do a business: "Wait please " , " excuse please " , " good " , " be willing to serve for you " . (When 12) seeks an opinion to the guest: "Do you sample how? " , " do you eat? " , " do you feel satisfactory? " , " we are done badly, give advice or comments please. " " raise precious opinion please " . (When 13) guest leaves store: "Adieu " , " welcome you to come again " , " your don't go yet " . (14) guest touched a clerk carelessly, perhaps have beg with the clerk, when speakand writeacknowledgment language: "Irrespective " , " not polite " , " never mind " " this is us should do " .

2. serves a program: The program that meal serves should accord with following principle: (1) stability; (2) is timely and rapid. Businesslike service is rapid, provide a service timelily for the guest; (3) satisfies a requirement. The program should offer place to need to be a purpose with be a guest with businesslike service, and rather than in order to operate handy for the purpose; (4) foresee. The service often goes in front of what the guest needs, service and product should be offerred before the guest asks; (5) is human communicate. Clear with concise communication it is a service the requirement that must have between service personnel and client is reached between personnel and service personnel; (6) client is responded to. Pass the client's response, can know whether product and service quality need to reach expectation accord with guest place quickly, try to improve thereby reach rise; (7) management is supervised. above 6.1 start shipment is used and try to manage effectively and be supervised, serve a system will surely glibly moves.

3. attitude of attending to guests

The manner of meal service personnel also needs with the following each are a standard: (1) attitude is positive. Cordial manner can reveal the desire that communicates with others, positive attitude can make the customer comes and be willing once more patronage; (2) body language. In the talk body language communicated us the information of 2/3. The petty action of ministry of the contact of countenance, eye, smile, hand and body are mobile, can deliver the manner to the guest; (3) is tonetic and tonal. Tonetic can convey more and real message than actual language, high quality service is being communicated on of the requirement is optimistic, reach auspicious manner amicably; (4) tact is diplomatic. Timely saying suitable word is one fundamental skill, should avoid to say some of word that can make a guest produce misunderstanding, maintain resource to notice what should say or ought not to say at any time, spend in order to improve the client's satisfaction; (5) be apt to uses a name. What the name report that notes ripe client gives pair of visitors is special attend and care, also be the esteem to client individual, because people feels his name is the most euphonic forever; (6) is affable and considerate. Be like,affable service personnel entertains a guest " person " and rather than " content " , they know the business is thriving is to come from courteous, affable serve with valued. (7) offers a proposal. Offerring the proposal that guest place requires is attentive to guest expression one of methods with the care, because this serves personnel to want to understand its completely,offers product reachs a service; (8) promotes with the proper method. The service personnel of high quality knows business hang on is sold, and their job is promoted namely. They avoid to market the service that the guest does not want or product, but they can make what the guest knows is useful to them product and service; (9) solves a problem. The difficulty to the client and complain, should quick-witted, fluent, calmly processing, "Thank you to tell me these " the issue that this word can make a guest believe them, complain or caring is welcome, and will be located in effectively to manage. So high quality service, it is the highest state that meal course of study seeks.
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