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Shanxi marriage eats convention formal
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Protect heart county to take marriage to should be hired through revising close, offer, explore word, get married get married, answer the door 5 programs. Some places want name of classics bother about, accept to walk, accept auspicious, accept, wedding day, greet kiss 6 programs, namely alleged " 6 ceremonies are complete " . There still is one to plant after be engaged " watermelon moon cake eats 3 years " common, namely annual in July 15, both sides of male and female wants each other to send a face the person. Every face person is weighed about 2.5 kilograms, send 3 years in all. Annual in August 15, the man sends superior big watermelon melon to the woman with hamper 4, moon cake one tower (the size moon cake that base becomes tower entity a certain number of) , also send 3 years. Send even to the man when get married get married with woman deepfry cake 80. Meander, protect heart one belt, marry this day to want to eat oily cake, dish is to irrigate a head, namely Lenten on irrigate a bit broth. Family circumstances is a bit better eat 3 disc: A dish of pork, one argali flesh, a dish of chicken, call " below 3 circles " . Some other peoples are given priority to with arranging 6 bowls. The family has the 8 bowls of 8 small dish, 9 place that surround 9 bowls of dish, 13 flowers.

Sitting order of seats also has strict regulation, sit presiding person for brother of one's mother, accompany kiss newly. Left to go up, right to fall, ordinal one left one right ordinal arrangement. After sitting, new close brother of one's mother opens a fist first, people just can drink dine. Wine crosses 3 make one's rounds, on dish neat hind, bridal bridegroom hold crock small cup, one by one proposes a toast persuade a meal. County of numerous stand erect is taken, meal wants to get on 3, consecutive, the first is tea cake, the 2nd is steamed bun of fried dish evaporate, the 3rd is fried dish oily cake, meantime has strains of music accompanied by drumbeats (nowadays is a recorder) add to the fun, a finger-guessing game makes all right, use up joyous and medicinal powder. In recent years, after the banquet finishs, other equipment eats late at night, kiss brother of one's mother newly please only. [Cate China]

And other places of Ning Wu, meander, bridal bridegroom answers the door, a married woman's parents' home wants fete to entertain, want to eat discontinue dumpling to bridegroom. Wife's younger brother, wife's younger sister wants embarrass elder sister's husband, often add chili, Chinese prickly ash, vinegar to wait in dumpling, call " make fun of new husband " .