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Shanxi food formal sidelights
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Marriage feeds common ooze county to be taken, egg cake should eat before the litter on the bride, common says " 3 eggs one crock wine, dismiss the litter on the girl goes " parting meal. Some places should eat chicken before the litter on the bride. After the bride is greeted, let bridegroom bride drink a predestined relationship even (had met because of two people have not, just know each other at this moment, reason cries " have a reason " ) mix soup, should put into honey and balm inside soup. Let a bride drink 3 first, next pass on bridegroom is drunk, the ability after be being drunk does obeisance to beautiful hall in all.

Bear eat convention the puerpera of this one area, in childbirth head 3 days let drink some of rice water water that does not touch a tooth only (advance northwest area calls centering rice water) . In confinement, millet gruel and stiff rice water are main provision of the puerpera. Full moon that day, the puerpera wants avoid to eat cooked wheaten food one day, drink congee of a day of millet, call pair of months rice water. Dietary ability returns to normal after full moon. Some closer absolutely year consuetudinary without this kind already, numerous nevertheless other people even avoid eats carnivorous and fat food.

Mortuary feed common to grow treat a county to be taken, the place after past person is dead divides 4 kinds for oblation: It is hold a memorial ceremony for of 3 animal sacrifice----Pig head, fish and cock; 2 it is 3 water----4 bowls big, 4 4 small bowl, small dish; 3 it is hoary head hold a memorial ceremony for----The head when Man goes; 4 it is a knife time hold a memorial ceremony for----0.5 kilograms of pork. Now, near and main it is oblation with 3 pig head, water, of common concern it is oblation with cake. The country of the beautiful ooze water that have, in relief city, funeral home is in before holding a funeral procession, children great-nephew generation should carry rice, oil to feed, steamed bun when cemetery eats, scatter food crops at the ground, children catchs even earthy belt cereal in the hand, load a pocket, the name says catch riches and honour. Lunar day

This area, there have been 7 after the person is dead consuetudinary, whenever 7 days cry hold a memorial ceremony for. "77 " gift gift asks to have different hold a memorial ceremony for is fed. 17 steamed bun, 27 cake, 37 Qi Le, 47 baked wheaten cake, 5689 eat dumpling of pickled Chinese cabbage, mustard, 67, 77 without feed surely. Had wanted 100 days next, anniversary, 2 years, , 10 years. Sacred when burn paper to irrigate soup even, kowtow of worship on bended knees. 10 years of funeral arrangement after be over too end so far.