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"Eat " the pose of soup wants decorous
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Drinking what Shang Shi should notice first most is appearance certainly will the beard is decorous. Take spoon to mouth edge when, the upper part of the body is easy forward bend, become " absorb boiling water " , can sound so. In Euramerican do not cry " drink boiling water " , say however " have boiling water " , want to send soup to the side of the mouth to eat namely, won't give out abnormal knocking so.

Everybody does not think drink boiling water very simple, actually this is a knowledge. Show the note simply as follows now.

The back of the human body when drinking boiling water wants straight, face cannot gadarene.

West has a common saying to say: "Want provoking disrelish, might as well phonate drinks boiling water " , the reason is such. Drink Shang Shi, spoon wants a horizontal stroke to take, briefly tilts to approach mouth limit with spoon front, gist is to want to pour boiling water into the mouth in.

When drinking boiling water, need by inside outside dip, the right hand takes spoon, left hand presses dish of predestined relationship is the basiccest pose.

The Englishman thinks, the left hand when drinking boiling water is put on the leg, caigehuli of the section. The means of dip soup uses flower formula more, by inside outside dip (by outside toward inside dip is French) . Nevertheless, the deal of soup still a long time, not need by most in side dip is outward side. After dip rises, spoon bottom preexistence dish predestined relationship graze, send to the mouth again in. Otherwise, shang Zhiji is easy drippy desktop or chin, very clumsy.

Spoon does not want dip full

Especially spoonful, never too full, because, this spoonful has the job that affirms soup heat. And spoon dip is gotten too full, much more not easy cool, cent impediment disobeys ceremony again, because get down of false consistent mouth is too very hot and when spitting, but with respect to make an exhibition of oneself. The temperature moderate of even if soup, dip when still be a principle completely with exceeding spoon 8 minutes, otherwise very easy also drippy desktop.

No matter be ironed more,can not blow with the mouth cool

Blow soup with the mouth cool it is elegant least of all behavior, prohibit absolutely. We can rise with spoon dip a few, wait for a bit cool when drink again, mix avoid this phenomenon to happen.

Soup is remained not a long time but dish outside sideways dip

Soup is drunk a remnant a few when, left hand is OK hold dish tilts outside, rise with spoon dip again drink. Nevertheless, cannot drink entirely. Because want to be drunk, regular meeting gives out the sound of spoon attrition dish. Of course, dish whole take, entering boiling water the practice in the mouth is no good more.