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On table formal common sense
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A. Commerciality is visited

● be sure to punctual;

The period that ● awaits, perhaps do not recieve personnel to make any demands to the secretary;

If ● awaits time is very long, can not deliver gas in the secretary or recieve personnel body to go up;

If ● is in hm when talking wanted on the telephone come in, ask the other side needs not to need pick up the telephone below illicit;

● is final, no matter whether meeting manages your job this, should thank the other side interview;
B. The bearing on table

When sitting

If you are a guest, wait for master signal when you sit down, just sit down. If master without consulting anyone sits down and without signal you sit where, you sit in most the position that stands by him.

If you are master, criterion with gentle start work, point to some piece of chair and say to the guest: "Sit please here. "Sit please here..

Take course by oneself

When taking course by oneself, well-advised practice is, in the first round when take only a few food.

Time-out takes food

Suspend have dinner when you, no matter be to should stop the conversation of others of asthma tone, listen respectfully, perhaps call from banquet, ask the broach you and knives to take bit of point of view upcountry, one left one right inclined put on dish.

Correct use tableware

Of type of land of according to Europe dine means, be grasp fork with left hand, the right hand holds a knife.