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Business affairs eat of the United States is formal
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Be in the United States as white-collar, the working food of sex of a few business affairs cannot avoid. However, eat a working food how formally, however not by a lot of compatriots place witting.

Dress respect: Allow of Yu besmear tip is artful billows Jian breaks  of remnant of calamity of suddenly of artful Xiang of ministry tip allow to return  of Zheng of extensive of Cong quiet bursa to add? of  of street of  of admire of the any of several hot spice plants that surname  . If you attend dinner on invitation, whether is you are not clear about formal, it is clear to ought to ask directly, if cannot be informed, then you are about to be installed in order to attend the form of formal dinner, lest cause any unpleasantness and open-eyed accident.

Invite with suffer invite:

If issue invitation card formally to you, answer written reply; Decline the invitation of business affairs sex, should give with the reason of business excuse oneself from (if work too busy, have the) such as working arrangement. Do not decline with giving for private general affairs, because such meetings make,the other side thinks to your activity accepts the obligation of the life and cannot be time pour into on the job.

The choice of cafeteria: Swiftly of  of new Mi of Ti of shelfing ≡ of acenaphthene of joyous ㄒ  says Li of  of the Jin that seek protruding confuses teacher of son of Tiao of banter room the soughing of the wind in the pines to seek arc of ㄎ of protruding a kind of reed

Besides important, outside famouser cafeteria, you still answer beforehand make choice of two to 3 your more familiar cafeteria, such, foreman can is used to very quickly according to yours, for the chair with your best obligate; Although did not time beforehand for nothing in you, also can find a piece of good table for you, your guest can is opposite because of foreman the good impression that your enthusiasm serves and leaves profundity. And be familiar with very much with you because of the person of cafeteria, you can let they give bill to be consumed and need not pay clear an account sheet face to face.

Seat:  Jin a surname pulls  of plaque of Scandium of  of Xi of pry of young Cong of Hui of Nai of  of  thorium Di to look brandish of Lei You of  of Quan of H of leg excuse me censures the shovel washs rice leg of eye of Zheng  astounded says to mire  of sword of city of north of  brandish Φ door  Yun blows Qiong of straw  Ju

Beverage: ? of dam of La of Mou Tu of astounded of Quan  flatter cup, you should use big cup to contain cool plain boiled water by very clear rule, medium a cup of Cheng Gong bishop, cannikin fills white wine, and tall foot cup fills bubbly. If be you,play the host or by your pour wine, then you answer first him pour goblet (pour brimmer heart only) taste. If you think wine flavour not beautiful (have bottle stopper flavour or peculiar smell) , should ask to change a bottle of wine of same source. If wine is good, then you should press the order with significant position to be your guest pour wine. The lip should be wiped with napkin after drinking wine, although you think,do not need.
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