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Case of dining-room attitude of attending to guests]
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In dragon one desk guest chose dining hall when dish surely a langouste, langouste has been done on after the desk, the guest discovers langouste color is incorrect. .

Ask a clerk " young lady, last the langouste that I eat here is white. Why is today's langouste flesh color pink?

Be not fresh? Be not fresh??

The girl replies: "Either, gentleman. Langouste flesh color differs basically is breed differs. Langouste flesh color differs basically is breed differs..

The guest asks again: "You this supplies be Australia langouste? "You this supplies be Australia langouste??

The girl replies impatiently: "The person still has black and white, what is more,the rather that langouste! What is more,the rather that langouste!!

Result guest is gotten by choke stare tongue-tied.

Case analysis:

This exemple is equivalent to the after service of commodity seeking advice, dish has been carried desk. The guest has not obvious place, the clerk should be pressed

Provide normative requirement according to the service, solve to client patience with civilized diction. Can say for example: "Although dragon lantern is produced from Australia, but have again east bay and on the west bay cent, because producing area is different its flesh color is different also. " and cannot use a few uncivilized term to client prevaricate, once cause a shopper,complain will cause undesirable consequence.

This violated a standard " the control that 7.5.1 production and service offer " " the fact of the activity after F) discharged, consign and consign

Apply. " reach " 7.2.3 communicate with the client " " C) client feedbacks, include a client to complain. " concerned regulation.