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Meal serves common sense
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1, Chinese meal hall is the dining room that provides Wu of kimono of dot of Chinese style dish, beverage, the sale means of Chinese meal hall has eat, organization wrapped eat, banquet to wait at 0 o'clock, accomplish service standardization, decorate standardization, operating sequence to change.

2, the breakfast of dining-room served Chinese meal at 0 o'clock in, the clerk should be accomplished diligent change pour water, frequently perambulatorily, frequently ashtray and clear mesa.

3, the clerk that be worth a stage is filling in when menu, should move characteristic of introductory dish type, help guest chooses the characteristic course of this dining-room, especially the innovation course that chef recommends that day, season food, special offer dish.

4, on the provision that takes case is like the dish such as shrimp, crab, should catch up with towel is mixed wash one's hands handleless cup, wash one's hands the red boiled water with half tepid handleless cup is contained inside handleless cup.

5, the account that normally guest offers to add dish basically has 3: It is vegetable takes not quite, 2 it is to want to buy dish to take away, 3 it is special to some dish appreciation, want to eat a again.

6, show this inn when guest " the room gets stuck " when asking to sign sheet with room key, the member that be worth a stage should ask guest to sign in what room number and he fill in on bill.

7, the dining-room that accepts credit card to pay should have safe examination at any time, consult namely credit card extends the company offers " cancel register " .

8, after have dinner visitors leaves, should clear immediately mesa, do well dining-room environment is wholesome, accomplish " 3 clear neither stay " , food does not leave in mesa Qing Dynasty, ground Qing Dynasty, workbench Qing Dynasty, dining-room namely, do not leave rubbish.

9, the banquet has repast number tall, dish chooses level of much, spending breed much, atmosphere is enthusiastic, recieve a service to pay attention to wait for a characteristic.

10, when furnishing cold meats, according to the breed that dish nods and amount, notice dish dot distributings tonally, the collocation of element of meat or fish, colorific is tie-in, flavour tie-in, dish positive and negative, of blade go against suitable, dish dish the distance between.

11, wine is one kind waits for what the material that contains starch or sugar makes via fermenting to contain the beverage with the excitant belt of alcohol with commissariat, fruit.

12, say strictly, chinese wine is divided only for liquor and yellow rice or millet wine, bishop and beer wine are introduce from the foreign country come.

13, press its colour and lustre, beer can be divided for white beer, yellow beer and dark beer. By its machine program can be divided for draft beer and ripe beer.
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