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First the awaits a banquet food when the Qin Dynasty is formal
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Be in early " The Book of Rites " in the account that having a banquet to feed foreword, it is to drink first, the course that takes fleshy dish to have a meal after that again and roughly same now. On the party that has 16 kinds of cooked food, dish discharges 4 respectively, every 4. The meat and fish dishes that takes character is put in advocate left, cut pure flesh is put in right. Dietary rely on in the person that feed to carry square, skilly is put in right. The with barbecue flesh of dissect kind put some further, vinegar and sauce kind put some closer. The spice such as evaporate green is put by. Beverage and the skilly such as wine oar are put in same way. If display does beef cattle chest to wait, that is in with respect to bent left, be in straight right. The banquet has the gift that offers guest. Take wine the rank of nobility to be asked to the front of guest banquet by host first, call " display " ; Second still respect by guest, call " vinegar " ; Raise his wine cup by host again after infuse an ancient drinking vessel, urge visitor after that from drink first as drink, say " fulfil " , close to cry so " the gift that offers " . Nowadays, entertain guests banquet make exchange of toasts, its itself emphasizes formal.