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Add makings of night shift antigen to rise shelter dining-room " suffering " the
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Former stock rises continuously continuously, the lane of eat of road of shelter dining-room heart that heart road foundation is in woman house to manage 4 years, meal price was not moved go up, originally 1 year of deficit 500 thousand, last year already violent wind rises 700 thousand yuan, suffering of lane yielding meat can'ts bear character. To increase business period of time, make up for breach of profit and loss, social bureau is willing eventually untie a person, zhou Wu will increase to reach since 7 days nightly Saturday do business, attract more family to be enjoyed to eat lane good in quality and cheap in price meal.

Zhang Meiying of deputy CEO of heart road foundation expresses, have as an attached institution is in woman house the lane of heart road eat inside, because cooperate a house square serve time opening a shop, lane of eat of Zhou Yixiu house follows rest, and Zhou Er does business only by day to weekday afternoon at 5 o'clock half, period of time of force of owner of battalion of meal course of study is dinner, cannot leave external from beginning to end sell, outstanding achievement of influence eat lane grows.

The prices end last year rises ceaselessly, she is helpless point out, the cost feeding capable person of eat lane replenish onr's stock rises 10% to 15% , lane of eat of in former years is in debt on average 500 thousand, the increase sharply end last year arrives 700 thousand, loss is not small, to overcome the predicament that does business to grow hard, strive for period of time of open nightly on the weekend have dinner to social bureau, new passenger source of family of the have dinner outside hoping to strive for Zhou Xiu 2 days to be in, increase business income, the pressure of cut deficit.

Zhang Meiying is gratified express, lane of heart road eat grooms obstacle of body and mind person the dining-room that meal service learns, body barrier person firm contact guest, from insecurity bashful or lose one's head, changeover welcomes a person for smiling face, entertain a guest consummate optimal service is unripe, friendly service, add lovely smile, became lane of heart road eat best spokesman.

Make eat mill store long hold concurrently coach teacher Wu Yojing is brought think those who be proud is, in the body barrier student that eat lane serves, working manner is serious, the service is considerate, became meal industry to dig horny object, turn successfully already at present interpose clerks of 15 obstacle of body and mind, they work in dining-room can do a familiar work with ease.

Body barrier person shelter factory or dining-room, have coach teacher beside guidance and superintend and director guide, cost of virtually human affairs compares average dining room namely tall, advance of lane of heart road eat uses 6 body barrier student, and 3 coach teacher. Zhang Meiying expresses, deficit of eat lane loss, what need society loves greatly is small contribution is raised aid planish, once deficit figure change raises, economic depression, love contribution decreases, eat lane still should try hard to save oneself more reduce profit and loss.
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