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Characteristic establishs inn true flavour to beg put
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After the Spring Festival passes, a batch of wine shop fed four to close down, a batch of new wine shop fed four to open business. By what to open new store? Ground of all with one voice of numerous meal new boss says: Characteristic!

Characteristic establishs inn is advisability to lift, characteristic inn also is temporarily fashion, from 乸 of goose of authentic Hei Zong, to fish of authentic report white assorted, between one night, characteristic cafeteria is bristly, 2 words reveal characteristic. Regretful is, start business of a few store does not pass a few days, a lot of consumer are complained, we by flicker. The author visits shop of overmuch home characteristic, could there be to general from bolus of fish of management Hao city bovine muscle bolus, from open old dog of Bao fast city to make Bao of new pool fish to secret. Wine shop opens smaller more, management breed is narrower and narrower, regrettablly special flavour also leaves gradually gradually far. Characteristic, cong Mou is planted is culture on the meaning, these alleged characteristic wine shop do not have culture inheritance, did not eat convention formal, without environmental foil, without gust cate, did not specialize in chef, feeding capable person repeatedly even also is to steal Long Zhuaifeng, be to install only one " full name " , cannot be its " renown " , does He Tezhi have? As to big wine shop, want to become distinguishing feature, also be easier said than done. For instance, a so broad and profound to Man Hanquan banquet meal is artistic, understand its culture intention in development only, go after its while feeling view is beautiful, innovation gives the artistic concept of meaningful, education goes preeminent attainment, ability is caught truly accurate, grasp firm, deliver its culture essence to deadbeat, is the imitate and feeds flavour jackknife of the exterior not just.

Manufacture should serve to also want especially special. Come for years, the floor of Guangzhou meal serves the begin that ask a word, xie Zi is terminal. Order dishes first, sheet is buried after, first the serving after water boiling water, from the service the language all is not good at guiding employee to be changed by human nature to service flow, the flexibility of individuation that asks to add a service, provide save worry, satisfactory service for the client, quick, efficient service, favor, cheerful service, fail try every means saves cost for the client, save time, the surprise outside making a client intended and touch deeply. Service characteristic asks we add the flexibility of the service namely. Novel and interesting originality and distinctive service behavior, affirmation can attract a customer more than inflexible program. Perfect service state gift makes wine shop, guest, employee achieves 3 Yue beating each other.

On the other hand, wine shop should live, feed flavour the first. So, wine shop must have " true flavour " ability lives. Alleged true flavour, I think to have three-layer meaning. It is true, namely former juice raw ingredient; 2 it is true, accord with the requirement feeding flavour of famished look itself namely; 3 it is true delicacy. In the cate pursuit that feeds the home now, little taste is a very very active, main index. To flavour Baconian, customarily is with the five flavors wraparound, namely sweet, acerbity, suffering, hot, salty, do not have delicacy. Ancient " bright " the word basically points to raw fish, not be current people draw wrong conclusions by false analogy in that way, think " bright " the flavor of the generation after having fish and Yang Fang cook together namely. Arrived contemporary, after Japanese invented the element of flavour, former the delicacy on wide extensive meaning, bright and fresh flavour of and rather than bright, the little place elongate that is regarded as little taste is revealed. Arrived today, green alimental be current, recursive mankind criterion do not use gust intensifier and rely on cooking technology to mediate those who come out is delicate call little taste.
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