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Throw inn of serve a meal of iron rice bowl-a secure job
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This year during the Spring Festival, wu Guanghui hurries to Hefei technically from home town, meet with old comrade-in-armses. The to oneself company between banquet plans to speak with fervor and assurance next: Want to use the rich with rich home town, implementation agriculture industrialization and travel go vacationing industrial posture is united in wedlock... social status crosses him of 100 million nowadays, calculate going up is the first batch of SOHOs of Chinese, review the way of ups and downs of him business sea, 1978 is a watershed absolutely:

"December 1978, my as it happens is facing time of distributive of unit be transferred to civilian work, I am firm at that time 20 odd, feel although oneself culture level is not tall, but work in the logistics department door of army all the time, have the proficiency in a particular line that cook not only, still know logistics government. If divide an unit, although carried an iron rice bowl-a secure job, but all one's life incompetent, it is unwilling result really very. In the meantime, oneself come out to be a soldier from the country, child early husband of the poor, longing changes way of life in those days, the dream of angle fortune, already rooted in the heart budding. Already rooted in the heart budding..

"I am then resolved: Do not want iron rice bowl-a secure job, seek means of livilihood oneself! What to do? Use oneself proficiency in a particular line, open restaurant! This idea nature is the opposition that sufferred parents, but I hold to so do. From unit be transferred to civilian work hind, I opened an a slap-bang shop in a market in home town county. " Laowu says, although the name calls hotel, but have 100 much square metre only actually, 3 pieces of tables, became a genuine SOHO. At the beginning, the business is weak very, only the vegetable grower of market comes patronage, "But slowly, my business became good. The first, the type of a lot of dish that I make is the practice of provincial capital Hefei, had not seen at all in the county, raw material also comes over from Hefei carry mostly; In addition manage still must tell sincere letter, honest and kind, gradually guest is much rise. Going up later century 80 time metaphase, my wife leaves have a small tailer's shop, actually with respect to 20 much square metre, two sewing machine, such, our husband and wife two became a SOHO with respect to in pairs. "