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Round hill restaurant: Civilian battalion is changed without schedule
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Round hill old hotel made a statement towards evening yesterday, round hill old hotel changes a problem without public property absolutely, transition company changes schedule to did not decide. Round hill old hotel explains, to develop for a long time, the company changes normalization is necessary and right way, all reform program won't be immersed in the misgive that homebred private property changes absolutely, still uncertain also case works related, social masses can be at ease.

Cai Duixian of traffic head of a department holds a press conference personally last noon, make it clear that round hill old hotel is absolutely impossible to be in company of the instead before new on May 20 government holds water. Cover to media, employee explodes makings, secret meeting discusses Zong Caiyi of president of party of promote friendly relations of Cai Duiceng and Xie Julan of secretary-general of presidential government office, Taiwan round hill old hotel reorganizations, cai caboodle sends statement of news in brief late yesterday not to have this matter absolutely, express to be like start a rumour of again intended frame sb, reservation law power to prosecute.

Round hill old hotel points out, round hill old hotel is party of promote friendly relations of Taiwan of legal person of financial group of the Ministry of Communication what belong to exercise organization, one's early years bears development sightseeing, welcome state guest job, management business of present round hill old restaurant and general sightseeing restaurant are not had different.

Because in season generation is transitional, think sustainable manage, in recent years company of government of program of round hill old hotel changes transition. Dan Yuanshan old hotel emphasizes, do not have firm timetable at present, constituent constitution create plan picture ongoing in discussing, in order to make the organization runs normalization, raise performance of 昇 battalion carry, influence preparation for civilian battalion.

Round hill old hotel shows the cause that promotes a company to change. 1995, chi Han of the general manager before round hill old hotel is dry deliver ticket make a false report with the holiday and money of embezzlement new station 6.1 million yuan of defray, sentence two years via 3 authorized Yan 4 months. Social all circles thinks round hill old hotel needs reform, and should the party with old existence of one 併 reform manages mode, change with face normalization, company.

But because equity should be like where,manage did not achieve social consensus, cause the misgive that private property of public property of old to round hill hotel changes the external world, accordingly the company participates in restaurant not actually to manage, and 2003 close down, the footstep that the company changes then break down.